For BP Fashion Board, over the coarse of this year we are basically creating a brand. Starting from scratch, we are developing some kind of store and it can be anything. A department store, boutique, retail, home, lifestyle… the list goes on! Our first “project” for developing our stores is creating a Pinterest and pinning everything that encompasses our stores– merchandise, interior design, location etc. I started this weekend and let me tell you I am officially addicted to Pinterest. 

I started pinning on Friday and am already up to up to 260 pins! I have a “Clothes/ Merch” board which contains clothes, shoes and accessories that would be sold in my boutique, an “Appearance” board which basically covers the interior design, location and general vibe of the store, an “Inspiration” board which basically has tons of looks that I love and inspire what I would sell in my store. For example, there are tons of runway and red carpet looks on this board because I love them and they reflect the style of my boutique, but would not literally be sold there. Additionally, I have a “Beauty” board which has tons of hair, makeup and nail ideas/ photos that I could envision going with the merchandise in my store and that I just like/ want to try! I also have a “Sweets & Treats” board which is just for fun and full of delicious looking recipes I cannot wait to try! There is also a board I created, “Its in the Words” which is full of quotes and sayings that I like and find inspirational. 

Some of my favorite pictures I’ve pinned: 

Beauty” Board // I love the fresh glow that she has. 

Appearance” Board // This space has such an urban and modern yet put together vibe. I am in love with that chandelier– I want. 

Sweets & Treats” Board // These adorable spiced shapes sugar cubes look like the perfect fall party treat! 

Inspiration” Board // I am just overall obsessed with this dress. And the gloves are the perfect touch… not to mention her hair is beautiful!

Clothes & Merch” Board // I love the glitter detailing on this tunic. I would totally wear this! 

It’s in the Words” Board // This is one of my favorite quotes ever and applies so well to my life. I think that the fear of being wrong is a major influence in society that often has a negative connotation. Though honestly, being wrong is part of figuring out who you are as a person and is an important part of growing up. 

I hoped you enjoyed taking a peek at a snapshot of my Pinterest. Be sure to check out my full profile and follow me. I would love to connect with all of you! Even though I created this Pinterest solely for the BP Fashion Board project, it is turning into a guilty pleasure of mine… especially the “Sweets & Treats”. 

What is your Pinterest guilty pleasure? 

xo, Nicole 

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