I am officially in love with vests this fall. I have never really been into them before, but I am seeing them worn in more ways not to mention the many different styles out there! J. Crew has the best puffer vest I’ve seen to date.. I’d be lying if I said I am not dying to get my hands on one. I am not a huge fur person, but fur vests are growing on me. I love the polish and sophistication a fur vest can add while still being trendy. Here are a few of my favorite vests & outfits featuring vests:   

Puffer Vests // This puffer vest from J. Crew may be a little pricey, but it seems 100% worth it. Coming in neutrals of navy, camel & black and also offering fun colors of blue and reddish-orange, you can’t go wrong with any color! Whether to add an extra layer of warmth on a chilly November day or simply just to add a cute touch to a simple outfit– a puffer vest is what I like to think of as a preppy essential! (Even though I wouldn’t consider myself or my style completely preppy, I do love these vests). Not to mention how cute this vest looks layered with a simple chambray top under a v-neck sweater and sunnies! #Adorable

Fur Vests // As I mentioned before, I have never really liked fur.. until now. Fur vests are too cute for fall and really complete any outfit! I am obsessed with how trendy yet still classic both of these outfits are– a simple flannel top with minimal jewelry and a knockout fur vest to bring the outfit together. A fur vest can be worn countless ways with endless colors… With a simple, casual LBD, under a flannel or light sweater, under a simple top etc. The list goes on!! Anyone know of a good place to find a fur vest?

Textured Vests // I wasn’t sure exactly what to call this but it looks kind of textured so that’s what we’ll go with. I love the sophistication in these outfits and how the vest pulls everything together. This vest could be worn over a simple v-neck cashmere sweater and jeans on  the weekend or dresses up with a blouse and pencil skirt for work during the week! Oh how I love versatile pieces! 

What is your favorite style of vest? How do you wear your vest(s) and where did you buy them? 

xoxo, Nicole 

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**All photos are not mine, they are from Pinterest. **

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