I saw Katrina and Amy’s posts about Blogmas, and thought it was such a cute idea I couldn’t resist participating in it myself! Basically, it is a spin-off of Vlogmas, where YouTubers vlog every single day in December, but Amy came up with the idea of doing Blogmas, where bloggers post every day in December. I have been trying to write more posts and publish them more often, but I think participating in this awesome challenge/ activity, I will stay motivated! 

So, here’s to Blogmas and posting something everyday this month! 

Things to look forward to this month:

1. Decorating for the holidays. One of my favorite parts of the holidays in general is decorating for them. With my knack for organization, interest in the visual merchandising field and some window display experience under my belt, decorating my house is a ton of fun. My family decorates our *sigh* fake tree since I’m allergic to real Christmas trees, we do icicle lights outside our house, the Dickens’ Village/ Christmas Village set up and just other little things throughout the house. I think that decorating is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit! 

2. New York City Weekend. Since my dad’s birthday is in the beginning of December, my family and I always do a “Dad’s Birthday/ Christmas” weekend in New York City. My mom, sister and I usually leave school/ work early on Friday and meet my dad at his office, walk around, go out to dinner and this year we are seeing Matilda! On Saturday, we walk to Rockefeller Center to see the tree and usually go to Bryant Park too. Since I have FIT Precollege in the afternoon, my family will just walk around without me for a bit! My dad’s birthday is on Saturday this year, so after I get out of class we are going out to dinner to celebrate! Since I’m blogging everyday now, I will be sure to update you all throughout the weekend with our events in the city. 

3. Family Time and Vacation. During the month of December, I see both sides of my family to celebrate Christmas which is awesome, especially since I don’t see my dad’s side very often. Also, the day after Christmas my family and I are going to Puerto Rico! Spending time with my extended family for the holidays will be so much fun and also going away with just my dad, sister and mom will be exciting and relaxing. 

If you can’t tell, I really am excited for this month’s upcoming events! Stay tuned and check the blog everyday for a new post in the Blogmas series! Happy December! 

What are you looking forward to this month? Comment below! 

xoxo, Nicole

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