Your Coffee Break is an online magazine started just one year ago literally for women to read on their coffee breaks. It has hit major success and has gone from a four person staff to a having headquarters in the UK and offices in New York as well! YCB includes posts and articles about everything from style and beauty to blogging and career tips. It is an overall great blog that to me, seems like a preppier, more professional version of Rookie Mag. It is relate-able, enjoyable to read and actually gives really great advice and tips! 

I recently read two articles on YCB regarding blogging. The first one shows the benefits to blogging in your career which I thought was awesome because blogging sometimes comes with a negative connotation, but really there are so many great things that come from it, for the readers and the bloggers! 

The second article was about how to get the most out of your blog and keep it professional. I really enjoyed this article because it helped me see the future for my blog and that it could be a long-term project that sticks with me through my ups and downs and various phases that I have throughout high school, college and maybe even my professional career. 

Here are the two links– I really reccomend taking a look at these short articles, they are really worth reading especially if you are a blogger! 

Did you read those articles? What were your opinions? Why do you blog? Comment below! 

xoxo, Nicole

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