Merry belated Christmas to all who celebrate, I have had such a busy couple of weeks between school and preparing for the holidays and vacation, I didn’t have any time to blog. And right after winter break, I had some family things to deal with, so…. I guess I owe you readers (Do I have readers?!?!) a quick update on what’s new and exciting at Empire Styles:

1. Pre-Christmas: The weeks leading up to Christmas were of course fun, but also filled with seemingly never ending to-do lists and ridiculous amounts of homework, projects and tests within two weeks. But there was also fun!! Ugly sweater day at school, NYC with my family and seeing Matilda, decorating the tree, watching holiday movies, listening to Michael Buble holiday music 24/7, ending my first Precollege semester at FIT (bittersweet & post coming soon with more details!) picking out the perfect gifts for family and friends… Overall, December was a fun-filled month and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

2. Christmas: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were days I spent hanging out with my family, which was awesome. My mom, dad, sister seen and I went out to dinner for Christmas Eve and had a TON of laughs. I spent Christmas Day with my family at my aunts house. I received so many generous gifts and I am so thankful for not only the gifts, but more importantly, the people who gave them.

3. Winter Break: I spent the remainder of my time off from school in Puerto Rico with my mom, dad and sister. 



This is a basic recap of my holiday season! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and best wishes for a Happy New Year! 
xoxo, Nicole

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