I recently got a Kate Spade Mini Beau Bag in pink for my sixteenth birthday, and I thought it would be fun to do a “what’s in my bag” post! First, the bag itself– I love my beau bag, and although I received it as a gift, I believe they’re totally worth the price. The Beau Bag, as well as all Kate Spade products, are well made and simply stunning, not to mention the mini beau is a perfect size for me. Whenever I go out and use my beau, I always get complimented on it! 

via katespade.com

In my Beau, going from left to right, I have…

1. My iPad (and Lilly Pulitzer Lucky Charms case) that I use for reading my book(s), doing homework/ school work, updating social media platforms for the boutique I work at, etc. 

2. Anthropologie Sunglasses I love my sunglasses. I bought them two years ago at Anthro and wear them constantly. Especially now that I am driving (with my permit), it is so much more necessary to have sunglasses with me! I am hoping to get a similar, but nicer, pair of sunglasses this summer because after two years of constant use, my $40 pair is getting a little stretched out. 

3. My phone & charger (and Micheal Kors tortoise shell case). Is an explanation even necessary for why I carry my phone around?! Lol. Yes, social media is fun and I use it often, but the amount of times I have meet people of importance in my future career (i.e. Professors at FIT Precollege, Elaine Welteroth the Beauty & Health Editor at Teen Vogue, etc. ) and wanted to show them my work/ portfolio, with apps like Dropbox, it is easy to whip out anything and show them what I have done! 

4. Paris Notebook for jotting down anything important on the go and my a Pilot G-2 pen, my favorite brand of pens (Is it weird to have a favorite brand of pens? Oh well) 

 5. A chocolate chip Cliff bar is a perfect quick protein fix on the go, while still tasting good! I also like that other than the sugar amount, Cliff Bars aren’t too unhealthy. Having a Cliff bar in my purse keeps me from buying food while I’m out, which is a (usually) unhealthier and more expensive choice! 

6. My J.Crew Mini Emergency Kit. Seriously, if you don’t have one of these I suggest picking one up ASAP. I had seen them in J.Crew and Nordstroms multiple times before but always thought, why would I spend $15-20 on something so unnecessary like that?! That was my naive opinion. This kit comes with 17-25 (depending on which kit you purchase) little things you need in a mini emergency! I use mine all the time and highly recommend it! 

7. Wallet (UO, old) For any shopping I may do while out & about! 

8. Cashmere Glow Lotion (Bath & Body Works) I am addicted to lotion. I use it all the time, and this mini B&BW lotion is perfect to carry in my purse, plus it smells amazing! 

9. Kate Spade Pencil Pouch (Glasses print) In here, I keep various beauty supplies I may need that aren’t included in my Mini Emergency kit. I keep my favorite lip gloss, Burts Bee’s lip balm, Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs rollerball, Tide to Go stick, J. Crew hair ties, They’re Real by benefit mini mascara, Trident Spearmint gum and Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets. 

Hope you enjoyed reading what I keep in my Kate Spade Small Beau Bag. What’s in your purse? Comment below! 

XOXO, Nicole

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