Happy Thursday!! I thought I would share my daily makeup routine because I love reading/ watching other blogggers and vloggers make these. I am always looking for new products and ways to “improve” my routine, so feel free to comment below with your daily routine and/ or favorite products! 

I stray from this exact routine depending on how much time I have, but this is generally what I like to do in terms of makeup. Sometimes I will just do “face” products and mascara (and skip out on eye shadow & eyeliner), or sometimes my skin will look pretty good so I will just use moisturizer and eye products. The exact products I use also keep changing as I experiment with new things and see what works for me. Keep in mind that beauty products work differently for everyone depending on what they need, so just because this routine works for me, that doesn’t mean it will work exactly for you! But that is what I love about makeup– everyone’s “routine” is different and there is always room for experimentation! 

Powder // Urban Decay Naked Powder in Medium (I kind of use this a bronzer) 

Eyebrows // Eyebrow powder (I got it from the lady who does my eyebrows, there’s no brand name… sorry guys! I have heard great things about the benefit brow filler!) 

Eyeliner // Dolce & Gabanna Glam Liner in Wild Green (liquid; also its a very dark green, almost appears black!) or Urban Decay Liquid in Perversion (black)

Perfume // Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs or Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture or Chance by Chanel 

What are your favorite beauty products? What is your daily makeup routine? Comment below! 

xoxo, Nicole

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  1. I admit that I've been a very bad girl lately and skipped my moisturizer. They discontinued the one I used to use and I haven't found a new one yet that doesn't make me go through horrible breakouts. I love your choice in perfumes!

    -Brooke, MadameAmrose.com


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