Though I would share a little snapshot of my life right now through my recent Instagram posts. For those of you who don’t know, I love Instagram. I find it being a great place for me to get inspired through posts from other bloggers, companies and my friends as well as inspire others and share what is happening in my day to day life. Follow me here (ig handle is @nicolecoppins), and I’d be happy to check out your account too! 

1. Just a fun selfie from New York City the other day! 

2. My Lilly Pulitzer agenda came! I have a Jumbo in the Biggest Fan print. 

3. Laying out by the pool with some of my summertime beauty essentials including Neutrogena sunscreen, John Freida Sheer Blonde spray, Burts Bees lip balm, my Vineyard Vines hat and my Ray Bans! 

4. First breakfast of summer! I made myself some chocolate chip pancakes and there’s iced coffee inside my Lilly Pulitzer tumbler in Lobstah Roll. Eating breakfast is always better in the sunroom with a view of the sun shining on the pool. 

5. On the first night of summer, I had some of my friends over for a pool party to celebrate! 

6. Another post documenting my poolside essentials, but this time it includes some reading material– Teen Vogue, J. Crew & Vineyard Vines catalogs and In Style, and of course sunnies & a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks! 

7. My dad brought home Baked by Melissa, my favorite mini cupcakes, a 100% Instagram worthy treat! 

8. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! This is a throwback from paddleboarding in Hawaii last summer. 

9. Happy Birthday to my little sister and also Happy Memorial Day! We spent the day at the shore soaking up the sun and getting our first taste of summer 2014. 

Do you like Instagram? Leave your username in the comments and I’ll check out your pictures! 

XOXO, Nicole 

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