101 IN 1001

Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling inspired me to write a list of 101 things that I want to accomplish in 1001 days. Mackenzie describes the purpose of this list perfectly in her list, “a happy medium between writing a to do list and keeping a bucket list”. This list is a great way to stay motivated, look to the future and get things accomplished! 

Start: July 3, 2014
End:  March 30, 2017

1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
2. Try a yoga class
3. Get my driver’s license
4. Graduate high school
5. Try surfing
6. Go one month without shopping
7. Inspire someone to start their own blog
8. Visit Brooklyn
9.  Make a dance scrapbook from preschool through senior year
10. Train and run a 5k
11.  Go to an NFL football game
12.  Meet Carly of The College Prepster
13.  Devote 3 hours a week to drafting Empire Styles posts for 1 month
14.  Attend a blogging conference
15.  Try a SoulCycle class
16.  Organize my computer files & iTunes
17.  Subscribe to all the magazines I love reading
18.  Invest in a Macbook or iMac
19.  Make 3 regular series on Empire Styles
20.  Make a workout routine for each season and stick to it
21.  Have a spa day with my sister and my mom
22.  Throw a surprise party
23.  Stay over in NYC with friends
24.  Try 5 DIY projects from Pinterest
25.  Try a juice cleanse
26.  Unplug for 24 hours
27.  Get my own car
28.  Redesign Empire Styles
29.  Go to a ballet
30.  Go to the Olympics (and see Amanda!!)
31.  Buy a Burberry trench coat
32.  Visit a new country
33.  Transfer to an online calendar instead of a written agenda
34.  Create a guest blogging/ blog collab series with a friend
35.  Have brunch at the Plaza
36.  Get straight A’s for an entire year of school
37.  Go to NYFW
38.  Visit London and Paris
39.   Take a bubble bath
40.  Put away $5 every week for 2 months
41.  Ice skate at Rockerfeller Center or Central Park in December
42.  Golf with dad
43.  Go to a farmer’s market
44.  Have breakfast in bed
45.  Try blogging via YouTube
46.  Get my hair done at Drybar
47.  Visit Charleston, SC
48.  Invest in Tory Burch riding boots
49.  Give up soda for at least one month
50.  Visit Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard
51.  Go to the top of the Empire State Building
52.  Visit the Hamptons
53.  Write a journal and finish it!
54.  Read one New York Times paper front to back
55.  Have a picnic in Central Park
56.  Have my hair/ makeup professionally done
57.  Become a pro gift wrapper
58.  Make 5 blogger friends
59.  Apply & get in to college
60.  Make 5 recipes from Pinterest
61.  Get a sponsor for Empire Styles
62.  Redecorate my room
63.  Learn to make jewelry
64.  Visit New England in the fall
65.  Go to a concert
66.  Invest in a classic LBD
67.  Read a biography
68.  Watch 3 Audrey Hepburn movies
69.  Find a mentor
70.  Buy everyone in my family the perfect gift
71.  Visit the High Line
72.  Make a scrapbook for each year of high school
73.  Go camping in my backyard
74.  Write someone a handwritten letter just because
75.  De-clutter my room and basement
76.  Go on a Design Darling shopping spree
77.  Save all my paychecks for 2 months
78.  Make a mood board for Empire Styles next to my desk
79.  See one of Amanda’s races in person
80.  Buy something from a store on Madison Ave
81.  Visit the South Pacific (either Australia or Fiji)
82.  Get all three splits and try hyperextensions
83.  Join a gym
84.  Travel to Europe
85.  Host a giveaway on Empire Styles
86.  Meet a magazine editor
87.  Start a collection of beautiful coffee table books
88.  Decorate the perfect college dorm room
89.  Read 10 classic novels
90.  Make a huge photo collage of my friends and I
91.  Visit 10 colleges
92.  Have a “pinch me” moment
93.  Take The SAT
94.  Try sailing
95.  See Frozen (I know, I am the only person in the world who has never seen it!!)
96.  Go to Fashion University
97.  See one of John’s hockey games
98.  Take a cooking class with my sister and my mom
99.  Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 21st birthday
100.    Swim with dolphins
101.    Inspire someone to write their own list

One thought on “101 IN 1001

  1. Hey Nicole! I found your post while reading “101 in 1001” lists. I'm working on my own resolution/goal list for 2015 and you've inspired me. I've made a new goal list since 2010 but never created a 101 in 1001…maybe I should!

    By the way, you are NOT the only person in the world to not see Frozen. Since giving birth to my awesome son last December (2013), I honestly don't remember the last movie I saw. No joke!!!!!

    Nicole @ Three 31


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