Hi everyone! Quick outfit post today featuring a bunch of summer boutique finds. My top is from a boutique I visited in Philadelphia this summer and my kimono is from a boutique in San Francisco. The kimono is def not something I would usually wear, but it was on sale and I thought it was so fun and different! Just a quick mirror pic today via Instagram… But more posts coming tomorrow and Sunday! 

XO, Nicole 

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11 thoughts on “OOTD: CROCHET & KIMONO

  1. Thank you! And I think that as long as the colors work for fall and can be incorporated into outfits with jeans and boots, then kimonos can def be a fall item. I plan on wearing this until it snows, haha! XO, Nicole


  2. Thank you, Jessica! The “unique” factor is definitely something I always think about when buying clothes because…. who wants to look exactly like everyone else? Kind of cliche, but I love the unique print on this. So fun and summery, yet the colors work for fall! Thanks for the comment! XO, Nicole


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