Junior Prom

After a long and stressful week of AP exams, I had my junior prom on Friday night! I actually had an AP exam that morning (thanks APUSH) but I think it went well. As soon as the exam was over, I left school to get have a quick bite to eat, then start getting ready!

I got my nails done since I had dance pictures and rehearsals earlier in the week and couldn’t have my nails painted. After that, I headed to the hair salon to get my hair done. From there, I rushed home to do my makeup before pictures started. It was a crazy afternoon but there was so much fun energy around it didn’t even feel stressful.

I spent a ton of time searching for the perfect dress. Being 5’8, it can be really difficult finding a dress that is a flattering length (read: doesn’t look like it should be a shirt). I found this kind of funny, but a lot of my friends and classmates were actually telling me they had high expectations for my prom dress since I love fashion so much, so the pressure was on to find a killer dress. With my best shopping partner by my side, my mom and I were in search for a fun and trendy dress and thats exactly what we found!

I am totally in love with my dress and cannot wait to wear it again. Its from Alice + Olivia and I got it at Bloomingdale’s. The colors and print of the dress is definitely not what I usually gravitate towards, but I am obsessed with it! Since the pattern and colors of the dress were the statement, I kept all my accessories and hair/makeup pretty simple.

As for the actual prom night, it was kind of as expected but a lot of fun. I took pictures with my date and a bunch our other friends and couples. The dance itself was kind of cheesy just like the movies, haha, but we still had a great time.


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