Long time, no see! I’ve (almost) made it through junior year, which only begins to explain my major blog neglect. It was partially neglect and partially putting school first. Junior year was insanely hectic and I couldn’t handle keeping up with the blog. But once its summer (1 week!!), I’m back for good. 

I’m so excited to kickoff my blogging comeback with a linkup, courtesy of the lovely Jamie of The Fashion Newcomer. If you haven’t read her blog, bookmark it now. Jamie has such a unique voice and perspective– I love reading her posts. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better topic for this linkup: blogging goals for the summer. I have a lot of goals both because I’ve been absent from the blogging scene for about 8 months but also because I have so many ideas for the future of Empire Styles! Onto my goals: 

1. Be consistent. Obviously, consistency has been a difficulty for me in the past. This summer, I plan on making a blogging schedule and sticking to it. I would also like to devote certain days to certain genres of posts (ex: Wednesdays are outfit posts, Fridays are link sharing, Sundays are editorials etc.) 

2. Create Empire Styles social media. I definitely want to make a Twitter solely for my blog. With that, I will be able to connect with more readers and other bloggers more. Also, I want to incorporate more blog content across my other social media accounts like Pinterest & Instagram

via two of my favorite bloggers💕

3. Make some blogging friends. I talk to some other bloggers here and there, but I see so many bloggers connecting and becoming good friends and I would love to do the same. It will not only make blogging more fun, but it’s always nice to share tips & tricks! 

4. Redesign my site. The logo, fonts, layout etc. are boring me right now. Maybe thats another reason I wasn’t excited to blog in the past. I think with a more fun, pretty site, I will be more excited and eager to blog. 

5. Get to know my readers. Above is a picture of Carly of The College Prepster and I this past summer. Meeting Carly, a super successful blogger, was so much fun! I loved talking about everything from blogging tips to embarrassing childhood moments. Getting to know Carly only made me love her, and her site, more! I would love to do the same with my readers, whether through email (, TwitterInstagram or another social media platform (see below for all my links). I think getting to know my readers will help me to produce better content as well as just enjoy blogging more. 

I hope you enjoyed my first post back blogging at Empire Styles! I am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s summer blogging goals as well as staying motivated to achieve them through the summer! Thanks again to the amazing Jamie for hosting such a great link up! 

As I said in the beginning, I am not done with school just yet. I have one more week of classes, then exams the week after that. Once exams are over (counting down ’till June 17th!), I will start blogging again for the summer. Talk to you all soon! 

XO, Nicole 

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  1. NICOLE! YAY! SO glad Empire Styles is back!! I've missed reading your posts for so long. I absolutely love all of your goals and I am so with you on all of them. I can't wait to follow your blog only Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Let me know when they are up!

    Thank you so much for joining me in this link-up!

    xoxo, Jamie


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