Its that time of year again: agenda buying season. Christmas-in-the-summer for bloggers, if you will. Many brands (OK, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer & ban.do) have released their new prints & patterns for their 2016 agenda collections. I’ve been using Lilly Pulitzer agendas for the past three years (had large & jumbo sizes). This year, after using my agenda for about five months, the wire spiral starting to loosen, then the back cover fell off… #annoying. This also happened two years ago with my Lilly agenda, but it happened in June after a whole school year’s wear and tear. My agenda this year didn’t even make it to 2015.

So, I’m reluctant to go back to Lilly after their quality has proven poor. Love the prints & colors, hate the spiral. So, I’ve decided to try Kate Spade this year. The spiral is covered, so I hope this one lasts me through the year! I’m just so torn on what print to get… they’re all so cute. Here are the four prints for the large size agenda. 

Which one is your favorite? Comment below & help me decide! 

XO, Nicole 

Contact |  empirestylesblog@gmail.com

11 thoughts on “KATE SPADE AGENDAS

  1. Blue is my favorite color so the last one I would pick. It's the most beautiful shade of blue ever. I don't really like gold as much, but as an accent it works great. I currently have my very first Lilly Pulitzer agenda which I'm excited to use. But I've already been thinking about getting an Erin Condren. 💙💙


  2. I would love to hear what you think about Erin Condren! I love the quote on the last one… And the pastel blue is also beautiful. I definitely do a review once I've been using it for a month or two. Thanks for the idea/ request! XO, Nicole


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