I’m leaving for Mexico in 4 days!! I am so excited to do nothing but relax. My family and I are going to a beach resort in the Mayan Riviera for a week. Today I’m sharing some of my beach vacation essentials that I’ll be packing.

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1. Tie Dye Bikini. I am in love with this tie dye bikini. The print as well as the cutouts in the back are so cute! I can’t wait to wear this to the pool & beach. 
2. Oversized Chambray Top. I’m planning on wearing this on the plane over a white t-shirt and cropped leggings, then taking it off once we land. Once we’re at the resort, I’ll use it as a coverup over my swim suits. 
3. Printed Dress. This vacation is pretty casual and relaxed, so my nighttime outfits will reflect that. For dinners, I’m packing mostly dresses that function as cute and comfortable. I’m in love with the one above from Zara! 
4. Leather tote. I have a very similar tote that I got from Express during Teen Vogue Fashion University this past year. I’ll use it as a carry on 
5. Gopro. My sister got a GoPro camera in May for her birthday and we are so excited to start using it in Mexico. We’ll definitely be taking some ocean swimming pictures, so stay tuned 🙂
6. Strappy Sandals. What is summer without a good pair of leather, strappy sandals? Sam Edelman is my go-to sandal brand. I have been wearing my Sam Edelman sandals since eighth grade and they’re still going strong. Mine are slightly different than the ones in the picture above, but they go with everything. The perfect shoe for light packing!
7. Sunnies. I love my Ray Ban sunglasses, so they will absolutely be packed for Mexico. I’ll be wearing them 24/7– either on my head at dinner or over my eyes at the pool & beach. 
8. Sunscreen & Bronzer. I’m pretty pale. While I will get kind of (maybe?) tan on vacation, I always make sure to layer on the sunscreen to avoid seemingly inevitable sunburn. My favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena’s Beach Defense lotion & spray. On my face, I use my Cera Ve moisturizer that has SPF in it. Because I don’t get a glowing tan, I am picking up Urban Decay’s Bronzer, Blush & Highlighter pallate before I leave. Hopefully, this will help give me the sunkissed glow I dream of without the sunburn! 
9. Small Leather Clutch. I have so many little clutches that I use on vacation. I’ll use them to store chargers or other important necessities within my large carry on tote, in my beach bag to store headphones & small items etc. I can always find a use for a small bag! 
10. Reading Material. Of course, a necessity for any good beach vacation. I’m still shopping around for the perfect book, but right now I’m in the middle of Its Kind of a Funny Story. I’m really enjoying it so far, but I think I’ll end up finishing it on the plane. I may buy #GirlBoss or DKNY PR Girl’s new book Leave Your Mark. And obviously, tons of magazines too! I’m bringing Teen Vogue, InStyle & PORTER. I’ll probably end up grabbing either BAZAAR or Vogue in the airport, too. Have any great book recommendations? Comment below, please! I would love to hear your suggestions 🙂 

What are your beach vacation essentials? Comment below! 

XO, Nicole 

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