This morning, I was catching up on all the blog posts I missed reading while I was on vacation and saw Cathleen’s post, Bloggers Helping Bloggers. I reached out to Meg and am jumping on board this linkup before it was too late! I’m celebrating bloggers & writing about their strengths, what I love about their blog etc. to ultimately help and encourage a more positive online atmosphere! 

The Audacious Queen

I am obsessed with Meg’s Instagram. It is so bright & colorful and she posts the best pictures.  As for her blog, I love the variety of content she shares. From the latest book she read and reviewed to a super stylish outfit post, Meg’s blog covers a ton of different topics and she does it so well! 

The Beautiful Little Fools

I love Jenni’s posts. Everything she writes is so useful, relatable and significant. She is such a great writer and I always look forward to reading her blog. I love reading all her posts about college because I am already thinking about what college will be like for me in a little over a year. Recently, I love her “wanderlist” series… what a cute play on words! Also, the Great Gatsby reference in her blog name is awesome. 

The Fashion Newcomer

Jamie is awesome. Her voice is so honest and unique. She posts about the most relevant, interesting topics and is a true fashion blogger. What I mean by that is that she really has a passion for it, understands it and questions it. This is so important to me considering so many of the “bigger” fashion bloggers lack original, thought-provoking content. I get so excited whenever I get an email notification that Jamie posted! I’ve also recently gotten to know her better and she is seriously the sweetest. 

Classy Cathleen

Cathleen’s blog is amazing. First, her layout and theme is so visually pleasing and well put-together. Also, I am deeming her the Pinterest queen. Her Pinterest is #everythinggoals. She really finds the best pictures, products etc. and pins them all. You must check out her Pinterest!! Cathleen is also so friendly and sweet; I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know her! I also love that Cathleen is so dedicated to her blog, she posts multiple times a week and her content is always fresh and fun to read. 

Alkaline + Chrome

Emma’s blog is amazing. She is  so stylish and chic! I love how she talks about fashion, rather than just accepting what is going on. She voices her opinions and thoughts whether its picking her favorite looks from The Met Gala or discussing recent news in the fashion world. 

Angelica Prendez

I read Angelica’s blog for the first time the other day and I am truly impressed. Her content is really well done, especially for being a fairly new blogger. When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing, haha. As a fellow dancer, I love reading waht Angelica writes about dancing as well! 

Running Alyssa

I love Alyssa’s determination! I read a lot of her posts about her journey with running and cross country, and it is so awesome to see someone reaching for their goals and not giving up. Also, I could never run cross country, so major props for that!! Alyssa’s theme is also super cute, I love the pops of gold! (I’m actually doing some rebranding myself which has some gold in it!)

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I loved writing it, spreading some positivity & connecting with bloggers! Thanks again to Meg for hosting this linkup and for letting me jump in 🙂 

XO, Nicole 

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  1. Nicole – you are the BEST! Thank you so much for the compliments – it means so much to me 🙂 You are also such a unique and original blogger and as you know, I so appreciate that!! It has been so great getting to know you too and I am so excited to work together more in the future.
    So glad you jumped into Bloggers Helping Bloggers!
    xoxo, Jamie


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