Hola! One week of relaxation, tons of eating and fun in the sun later, I’m back in humid New Jersey. My family and I spent the last week in Riviera Maya, Mexico at the Generations by Karisma gourmet all inclusive resort and had the absolute best time.

The resort was so beautifully decorated and was so clean. We truly felt like celebrities staying there because the staff was so friendly and ready to help with anything. The resort grounds were also incredible. Our room was huge; I cannot even begin to explain how luxurious the rooms were. My sister and I each had our own queen sized bed and we shared a very spacious bathroom. We also shared a living room area that had a fully stocked fridge. In addition we also had our own balcony overlooking the infinity pools and beach. Our room connected to my parents’ room, which had a foyer, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms (one half, one full), bedroom, balcony and a private outdoor shower. And to make it all clear- we booked one room. It was a condo style situation so thats why my sister and I had what felt like our own separate hotel room.

The food and drinks were all inclusive, and so delicious. The food was all cooked fresh and there was quite a large selection. There was a breakfast buffet, which I think was my favorite meal every day- there was an entire patisserie section of the buffet. Donuts, croissants and pastries galore! For lunch, there was an outdoor poolside cafe as well as the buffet with lunch options (and a pasta bar). For dinner, the buffet was open and room service was available, but there were also multiple other restaurants. There was a Mediterranean place, an Asian place and a French/ European place; all three were absolutely delicious. Between all the restaurants and also the bar that was in the main pool, there was no shortage of eating on this trip.

We basically just hung out on the beach every day. One of my favorite things about their beach was their beach cabanas, which were literally like beds. You guys, this took the standard beach nap to a whole new level. I loved these cabanas because they were completely shaded, so I wouldn’t get sun burn (lobster alert). During the day, we alternated between laying and hanging out in the cabanas on the beach (waayyyyy to hot to lay out in the sun on the beach) and swimming in the pool or ocean. We also played a fair amount of beach volleyball since there were games going on every afternoon. There were also a lot of other games and activities going on all around the resort, which we tried to participate in, like pool volleyball. We needed to get some form of exercise in between all the eating we were doing!

I would be happy to share any more specific details about my trip if you have any questions, so feel free to comment below or shoot me an email or tweet! Now that my trip is over, I’m putting all my time and energy this summer into the blog 🙂 So excited to keep growing and working on Empire Styles! XO, Nicole 

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