Last night, Jamie, Cathleen and I hosted our very own Twitter chat, Blogger Blab! On Tuesday evening the three of us were chatting and somehow it came up that we should host our own. We got to brainstorming and what is the one thing that all bloggers seem to be obsessed with? Organization. So, there we had it. The name and hashtag were finalized minutes later, and by late Tuesday night we had a (very general) outline of what we wanted our first Blogger Blab to be. 

We had no idea what to expect. Would anyone even “come”? Was our topic interesting? How do we triple co-host a twitter chat? Who says/ tweets what? Is this too confusing? Guys, we seriously were taking a shot in the dark with this. 

The three of us worked on our separate assignments for the chat on Wednesday in preparation for our chat that night. We all tweeted a few times and Instagrammed a few hours before the chat. Eventually, 9 p.m. rolled around and we were ready. I was constantly refreshing the #BloggerBlab live search feed on my computer. All of a sudden, all these tweets were coming in!  In the following minutes, I was watching fellow bloggers start conversations and get to know each other. By the end of the night, I felt like I had so many new blogging friends. 

Before I recap some of the content of the Twitter Chat, I want to thank everyone who participated in our first ever #BloggerBlab. While this won’t be a weekly event, we are absolutely planning to do more Blogger Blabs in the future (Cathleen and I are planning on doing them for our linkup in August. Want to be involved in the linkup? Email me!!). I am still amazed at the outstanding reactions and effects of #BloggerBlab. This community is so awesome and I am so proud to be a part of it. I also want to thank Cathleen and Jamie for helping make this such a success, definitely the best co-hosts out there! 🙂

#BloggerBlab Twitter Chat 1: Blog Organization

Here are some of the main points from our first chat. Be sure to check out #BloggerBlab to see all of the tweets from our chat. Also, be sure to follow Cathleen, Jamie and I on Twitter so you can join our next chat! 

We have no boundaries. Most participants of the chat concluded that they preferred using their own organization methods, rather than a predesigned printable off a graphic design website or more commonly, Pinterest. Although, many did say they had’t looked into printables that much. Whether its drawing a web/ flow chart of ideas, handwriting draft posts, making lists in (obviously super cute) notebooks of post ideas… these ladies have no boundaries and are always looking to better their blogs with new post ideas & new organization methods. 

We are #maxxinistas. Bloggers love a good sale and bloggers love cute, fun merchandise, therefore we are #maxxinistas. There was SO much love going around for TJ Maxx during the Blogger Blab, it was seriously like the topic of the chat was TJ Maxx. 

Agendas are a Bloggers Best Friend. Lilly, Kate Spade, Ban.do, Erin Condren… The list goes on, and so does the love. Whatever brand you are loyal to, chances are, you love your agenda. There was so much love around all our personal agendas, the brands and even how we use them (for the blog, for school, for everything..) but no matter how we use it, we love it. Agendas make life easy, and a little more colorful and organized. Who can complain about that?

You do you, girl. Ultimately, we concluded that we almost all had somewhat different ways of organizing our blog posts, ideas and calendars. Online or on paper. In a notebook or on a printable. Keeping them in a binder or scattered over a desk. While we all work differently, we do what we have to do to get the job done and we do what works for us. You don’t like printable because they restrict your idea flow? Don’t use them, simple as that. You do you, girl, and the results will show it. 

Our first #BloggerBlab was SUCH a success and I am so excited for future Twitter chats. If you participated in #BloggerBlab, what was your favorite part? Are there any topics you would love us to chat about next time? Any suggestions for future chats? Comment below, tweet me, email me! I’d LOVE to talk with you about this, or anything else you may need. Thank you again to everyone who helped make #BloggerBlab a so much fun!! 

XO, Nicole 
Contact |  empirestylesblog@gmail.com


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