So many posts this week, its just so exciting! Today is the second part of my post for #BloggersBTS Desk week. On Monday, I shared some of my dream desk setups and supplies. Today, I am sharing what my desk looks like & some of my favorite supplies. 

(A picture/frame/print/something will be going up on that side wall very soon. It is driving my crazy how bare the wall looks in this picture!!)

My desk is pretty basic. There are two shelves above the actual desk area where I keep school books (that isn’t even all of them..), textbooks (during the school year), some picture frames and on the two side panels (which used to be CD storage- ha!), I just keep binders and important folders and again, textbooks during school. 

In my drawers (insides not pictured) I usually keep file folders with a folder for each class, some folders for blogging, some folders for college application materials and info and various other papers. At the end of junior year, I did a HUGE desk cleanout and all of those “important” papers ended up in the recyling (I was keeping a bunch of old papers, like 6th grade science tests, that I didn’t need) and right now all my drawers are filled with new notebooks and binders awaiting the first day of school. Once school starts and all those supplies move to my locker/backpack, I will keep school papers and book in the drawers again. 

Here are some of my favorite pencils, pens & markers. Pictured are BIC mechanical pencils (though really I just pick whichever brand has the cutest color selection); Pilot G-2 pens in blue, black and the color pack; Sharpie black thin tips pens; Papermate felt tip markets, Poppin gel pens; Poppin thin highlighters; washi tape (under the computer charger) and of course, post-its! 

I also have to say something about this desk lamp from Target. I picked it up last summer before I went to a camp at Drexel University because it had an outlet. I thought it would be super helpful since there aren’t a ton of outlets in the dorms. Well, turns out, it is PERFECT for my desk as well! There is one outlet and one USB port so I can always have my laptop and phone charging as I work at my desk. 

I love the letter organizer I have. Behind it are a few folders that I am constantly referencing these days– my senior year summer work, my college application folder (in it are various papers, old drafts of my essays etc.) and a college application notebook where I made a page for each school I am applying to and a checklist of everything required for each application, along with their respective deadlines. 

In my letter organizer, I keep old snail mail from friends, some random business cards from places I’ve recently visited (read: Treat House and Macaron Cafe), a few picture prints and some gift cards. In this little corner I also keep a stapler, pencil sharpener (though I mostly use pen or mechanical pencil), some tacks (in that little white thing), lotion and a notepad for quick little reminders. I always have a water bottle somewhere on my desk– I am constantly drinking water and try for 100 oz.+ a day (equates to 5 Camelbak waterbottles per day). 

I love my bulletin board; it is probably my favorite part of my desk. I keep a calendar on it (in addition to my Kate Spade planner) solely for school assignment. Right now, it has the summer work schedule I created for myself to remind me to stay on task and not blog all day. My bulletin board is kind of like a scrapbook. I pin up pictures, business cards, various tickets from shows/events, photo-booth strips, postcards from friends and Chinese fortunes (I always keep my fortune cookie fortunes and pin them on my board). It is constantly changing but there are a few things that never leave the board (my TVFU pass, my color code schedule for my planner, my glitter initials & butterfly and a picture of my family (the picture itself changes, but there is always one!). 

Office supply heaven. In the drawer under my desk I keep all my supplies. The organizers are cheetah because back in elementary school, I was obsessed with cheetah print (thanks to The Cheetah Girls) and I’ve never replaced them. Once a Cheetah Sister, always a Cheetah Sister– right? 

On the left hand organizer, I keep various small notepads, stationary and index cards and the little supplies– tape, white out, erasers, tacks and those random chargers that come with graphing calculators. 

In the right hand organizer, I keep miscellaneous pens and pencils, large post-its, binder clips of all sizes and post-it tabs (my all time fave). In that Vera Bradley pencil case (from sixth grade, lol) I keep the fancy markers and colored pencils that I got from the camp I did at Drexel last summer. 

So, how do you organize your desk? Similarly to mine, or totally different? Comment below and tell me! Remember, if you’re participating in #BloggersBTS, linkup HERE and please please please read the fellow participants’ posts as well 🙂

XO, Nicole


  1. MY bulletin board looks super cute now, but come Janruary I'm sure it will be to-do lists, project due dates and post-its galore. I'm jealous that you have a chalkboard… that sounds so cute! (though I probably would only doodle on it instead of being productive, haha). And both of those books, along with All the Pretty Horses and House of Mirth are also my AP Lit summer reading books! XO, Nicole


  2. I love your set up! My desk is pretty similar to yours minus the shelves. I have a bulletin board and a chalkboard. I had to clean up my bulletin board to be more organized, so I could actually be more productive. I like that you have a letter organizer. I need to get one. I couldn't help but notice the books on your shelf. I had to read How to Read Literature… and Catch 22 last year for my AP Lit class and it brought back some memories!



  3. Same here!! And omg thank you but honestly this is nothing you should see the rest of my room… And free your mind, it's not enough just to dream it, come on, come on, get up!!! *sassy hair flip and snaps*

    XO, Nicole


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