Its Monday, which means its a new #BloggersBTS theme. For any who don’t already know, #BloggersBTS is a month-long linkup hosted by Cathleen and myself. Each week of August had a theme and posts within that week had to correspond with that theme as well as back to school. This week’s theme is DIY so posts can range from DIY dorm room decor to DIY pencil pouches for school. Want to join? Email me here! 

Now, on to today’s post, I’m just going to share some DIY’s off my Pinterest board that I want to try! Bloggers BTS ladies– remember to link up with the widget at the bottom of this post & be sure to check out other participant’s posts as well! 

DIY Blooming Monogram— This is SO cute for decorating a dorm room either on the wall or a desk! I am 100% doing this for my room sometime soon. 

DIY Travel Journal— This is something I’ve always wanted to do but seeing this post on Pinterest just inspired me and kind of reminded me to do it. I have so many little things (tickets, business cards, photos, maps) from all the places I’ve traveled I would love to do something fun with them. 

DIY Anthropologie Mug— I love the Anthro mugs, but if I’m going in there to shop, I’m going to buy clothes or accessories, not a mug. This DIY is more band for your buck– buy the supplies and make a few for the price of one at Anthropologie! 

DIY Pom Pom Push Pins— This may just be the cutest thing ever. I already use cheap stud earrings from H&M and Forever 21 as tacks on my bulletin board, but these pom pom tacks are so easy to make and add some fun! 

DIY Chalkboard Paint— I definitely need to try this soon for the wall next to my desk.  It looks pretty easy but we’ll see… 

So what DIYs do you want to try? Post this week & be sure to link up below for #BloggersBTS! Stay tuned for my DIY post later this week (probably Thursday). 

XO, Nicole


  1. I LOVE the Anthro-insprired mug! I absolutely love Anthropologie, but usually can't justify buying much there since it's SO pricy, even for basic things. And the chalkboard paint is a great idea for your room, too. I've seen black chalkboard paint before but didn't realize you could do fun colors!


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