Happy May 1st! For those who don’t know, May 1st is the unofficial college decision day for all high school seniors. May 1st is the last day to submit a tuition and enrollment deposit at schools, making it the last day to commit to a college or university. So, I figured what better day to post about my plans for the next four years then today.

I am so excited to announce that I will be attending Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA to major in Fashion Design & Merchandising in the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. I actually applied Early Action (ED wasn’t an option) and found out that I got in back in December, and committed in early January. Drexel was my number once choice school for many reasons.

I will be majoring in Design & Merchandising, which is more or less a fashion merchandising major with a broader scope. I will be taking a lot of business classes with a specific fashion focus, including lots of classes on technology and social media, visual merchandising, and many more. Additionally, the “design” portion of my major focuses on the more creative aspect of the industry and being able to execute ideas. I will be taking basic design and drawing classes in order to help me then use important industry software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. While I am not looking to become a fashion designer, and that is not the career path that this major is for, it is important to have a background in creative skills in the fashion industry.

Drexel’s major is so unique compared to the other fashion merchandising programs I was looking at. I love the balance of creative and business classes that I will have the opportunity to take. Drexel is very unique and runs on the quarter system instead of typical semesters. Each quarter is ten weeks long, and there is a short break (1-3 weeks) after each one. Because of this, students go to school all year round (with breaks in between each quarter). Then, during my junior year, I will go to school for 2 quarters (approx. 6 months) and then take the rest of the year to co-op, which is basically an internship.

With the help of Drexel in the months beforehand, I take six months completely off of school to work at a real company with a “real” job in a corresponding field to my major. I can co-op close to school in Philly and stay living on campus; I can live at home and co-op in New York City; I can choose to co-op abroad in places like London or Florence. I love this component of Drexel because I will have six months of real world experience before I graduate. Also, if I co-op in Philadelphia or New York City and everything at the co-op goes well, I could continue working part-time while I finish school and potentially have a job lined up before I graduate college, which is huge.

Drexel’s unique, intense and highly ranked program, proximity to home (I didn’t want to have to fly to get to/from school) and unique co-op program made it an easy decision once I was accepted. There are tons of other things I love about it besides this, but I figured once I’m there, I can share more insight and info with you all.

Congratulations to the class of 2016 and to everyone who has committed to colleges today. Its been a long and difficult process, but we made it! Once AP exams are over next week, its only exciting things from here… Senior class trip, senior prom & prom weekend, then graduation and summer! Hard to believe its all coming to an end so quickly!!

To college students & other seniors- let me know where you’re in school! Any super important college tips? To juniors & underclassmen, what is your dream school? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚Β 

XO, NicoleΒ 

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