Happy Sunday (and Father’s Day), everyone! Now that I’m done with school (graduation in T-2 days!), I’ve had a lot more time to get back to reading everyone’s blogs again. It has been probably a month or so since I’ve been able to just sit down, relax and get through reading everything that I want to. Now that I have, I have to highlight a few of my favorite things I’ve read this week:

1. I think that summer definitely has the most “fun” fashion and Mackenzie’s shoes are the latest example of that. I’ve been seeing a ton of pineapple related items lately but I think these are my favorite so far!

2. Julia shared a very personal story on her blog this week. I applaud her for having the courage to publish that and think it also speaks to a larger point about blogging that we, as readers and fellow bloggers, must always remember: what we put on social media/ blogs is not the entire picture. It can be so easy to get scroll through someone’s Instagram feed and envy their “perfect life”, but often times there are things going on behind the fun posts and pictures.

3. Caroline had the cutest graduation party. I am obsessed with how she decorated everything. It totally inspired me to talk to my mom about some last-minute additions and ideas for my grad party next week 🙂

4. I made a blog Instagram! I figured it would be fun to have one account dedicated to blogging so I be more connected to the community and to have an account that better reflects the Empire Styles brand. Be sure to follow it HERE (@empirestylesblog)

5. Everyone and their best friend knows how cool Amy’s Instagram (and really her entire personal brand, in my opinion) is, but I have to take a moment to highlight it because I’ve been particularly inspired by her posts/ aesthetic lately. 

6. Carly & Julia just got back from their trip to Ireland. Ireland has never really been on my radar in terms of dream vacations… until now! They definitely had a packed agenda but each post/ picture I see is more beautiful that the one before. Carly’s post gives a good overview of their itinerary. 

7.  Jamie always has such fresh and real perspectives on blogging. She’s back blogging again & here’s her latest post

8. In the past few months, Julia has introduced a new feature on her blog called GMG Now. Its an easy section of her site to catch up on everything Gal Meets Glam. Its a feed of all her social media posts (in order), blog posts and also exclusive “mini” posts. I am loving some of the “mini” posts, especially her post on mascara/ lashes and wrinkle free packing tips

9. Vogue has some great video content. Most recently, here’s a video of Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour swapping lives for a day. 

10. You guys should know by now that I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with Glossier (you can read more about that here). They recently released their newest product: Haloscope. I am dying to try it! 

Anything great you’ve been reading lately? Comment below! 

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