Senior prom was so great. The entire night was incredible. It started with pictures at my house with my boyfriend and five other couples. From there, we headed to the prom and spent the majority of the night dancing away. We had a live band instead of a DJ which was a special touch to the night. They did a really great job singing fun, current music that we could all sing along and dance to. 

Prom went until around 11pm, then our school hosted a post-prom for the rest of the night. From midnight until 4:30am, the school was filled with food, decorations, games and even a hypnotist show. This year, our entire school was decorated with a “Back to YOUR Future” theme, so there were tons of old pictures from our elementary and middle school days as well as posters from movies, TV shows and music that we grew up with. After post-prom and being awake for almost 24 hours, my friends and I headed back to my house to sleep for a few hours, then we were off to the beach for the weekend! 

It was a super busy and jam-packed couple of days but such a fun way to spend one of my last weeks of high school. So lucky to have such an amazing family (shoutout to my mom for helping me get ready) and friends to spend the prom/ weekend with! Now without further ado, here are the much anticipated prom pictures: 

Dress: Parker Black (sold out) | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Nadri (old, they’re my sister’s but matched the dress perfectly!)

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