Happy college week on the blog! With less than 6 weeks to go until move-in day, let the college posts begin. This week’s college-themed posts are in collaboration with ReneeFran and Caroline who are also all college freshman this year. We figured it’d be a fun way to kick off the back to school season on the blogs for our first time as college students (ah!). 

One of the things I am most excited about for college is decorating my dorm. One thing I am not so excited about is figuring out how I am going to organize and store all my clothes. At Drexel, we have a wardrobe, not a closet, so its even smaller than most dorm closets… #sendhelp. In all, I have a wardrobe with one hanging rack with two drawers on the bottom and then another set of two drawers for clothing storage. Since finding out my residence hall and closet situation, I’ve been looking for the best storage methods in terms of my closet at school and alternative ways to store my clothes. 

Obviously, I’m not at school yet and have no idea how this will all work out, but I put together some of the best closet & clothes storage items I’ve found so far. Renee, Fran and Caroline all posted dorm shopping guides covering other dorm basics, so be sure to check those out. Renee is posting about desk items, Fran is posting about area rugs & throw pillows and Caroline is posting about bedding. Also stay tuned for all our dorm haul posts tomorrow and another exciting college post on Wednesday 🙂 Now onto the dorm closet shopping guide! 

Plastic DrawersI’m planning on lofting my bed and I’m going to put one set of these drawers underneath my bed. Inside, I think I’ll keep things like athletic clothes, sweatshirt, PJ’s and bulky sweaters that I won’t be wearing in the beginning of the year. Depending on how much I bring to school, I can also use these drawers to store scarves, hats and bags. 

Cloth Storage CubesThese cloth storage cubes from Target are going to be life savers. My sister has a few in her room at home and loves them. They’re going to be perfect for storing extra shoes, scarves, hats and/or bags. Also, they’ll double as a step stool to hop on my lofted bed. I have heard so many people recommend these cubes to store anything from clothes/accessories to school supplies to extra towels & toiletries. 
Cloth Storage Bins: Similar to the larger storage cubes, I’m going to use the smaller cloth storage bins to store smaller things like clutches and thin scarves. Depending on what size you get, you could even store sweatshirts or t-shirts in them. The bins linked are just one of the many types of cloth bins, so I would search Target or PB Teen to find the best one to match your dorm color scheme. 

Under-the-bed Storage Bags: I don’t know how many I’m going to need, but I think these bags will be perfect for storing extra clothes that aren’t in my everyday rotation. They could be used to store heavier sweaters and light jackets while its still warm out or even used to store extra shoes. I like that they’re cloth so they only take up as much space as you make it. 

Over-the-Door Hooks: I plan to use these hooks (and these, too!) to hang jackets and bags from my wardrobe doors. Its just one less thing that has to be hung in the closet, aka more room for the clothes! 

Jewelry Organizer(s): There are so many different jewelry organizers out there, and I haven’t decided which one I like the best yet but I’m thinking of getting one to hang necklaces on the wall and another organizer for bracelets, earrings and rings to put on my desk or shelves. 

Full Length Mirror: Super obvious, but getting a full length mirror for either the back of the dorm door or the closet door is super easy and convenient. 

Slim Felt Hangers: I use these hangers in my closet at home already and I love them. They are so thin but also their shape keeps my clothes in good condition without stretching them out. These are definitely a dorm closet necessity to fit as much in your dorm closet as possible. 

I’m going to mention that a ton of people might want to also use these hanging closet organizers to hang things, but since my wardrobe is shorter in height than a normal closet, I won’t be using one but its definitely helpful for storing things like sweatshirts, sweaters and pants. Another thing that people with “real” dorm closets can use is this extension bar to make your closet have two racks. Again, my wardrobe isn’t tall enough for this, but this hanging rack would add so much extra space to your dorm closet. 

Four-Tier Hangers & Six Tier Hangers: Similar to the slim felt hangers, these four tier hangers will be perfect for maximizing space in my small closet, especially since I have a ton of skirts to hang up. I’m not sure how the six tier shirt hangers will work out yet, but they certainly maximize space and look good for simple, layering type tops or nicer blouses that aren’t everyday essentials. 

Weekender Bag: I’m going to bring one of my weekender bags to school to store under my bed. In in, I’ll keep a few of my larger tote bags (what can I say, I have a thing for bags and purses) and probably some reusable bags as well, like the Urban Outfitters bags. It’ll also be convenient if I ever take a weekend trip to visit a friend or come home. 

Shoe Rack: I’m really not sure if I’m going to end up getting one of these, especially since I don’t have a ton of shoes. Getting a small shoe rack may be an easy way to organize all your shoes in your dorm. Depending on your situation, you could either store it at the bottom of your closet or under your bed. 

If you have any other dorm closet essentials, leave a comment below! Be sure to check out Renee, Caroline and Fran’s blogs today for their dorm shopping guides, too 🙂 XO


  1. I got plastic drawers for my closet because I don't have a dresser (isn't that crazy?!) and I think they'll be the perfect way to store stuff like athletic shorts and tshirts. I loved your post Nicole!!


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