Today is the day for the much anticipated dorm haul! Today’s post is day two of the collaboration I’m doing with Fran, Caroline and Renee, so be sure to check their posts out to see what they’ve bought for college so far. I haven’t done all my shopping yet since I still have a lot of time before I leave (six weeks to go), but I’m super excited to share everything I’ve gotten for my dorm so far. The color scheme my roommate and I are going for is light purples, whites/ creams and grey. I’ve been looking and browsing for a while but only recently started ordering and purchasing stuff! 

So far, my mom and I went on a huge Container Store spree where I picked up a ton of basics (a lot were mentioned in yesterday’s dorm closet shopping guide!) from hangers to under-the-bed storage to a laundry drying rack. In addition to all that stuff, I’ve also made quite a few Target trips. I also stopped in West Elm on a whim one day this spring and ended up picking out my comforter on a whim that day! 

The three major things I’m still shopping for are throw pillows, an area rug and prints for my gallery wall/ wall decor. Since my comforter is grey, I’m looking for the throw pillows to be fun pops of color, but most of the pillows I am drawn to are black and white/ grey color schemes! Shopping for the gallery wall has been challenging because I am really not sure what I want. I ordered a few prints so far but I really need to get my act together and start planning out the details so I can buy some more decor for the walls. Without further ado… here’s my dorm haul: 

The Basics

So I discussed most of these in yesterday’s dorm shopping guide, but figured I’d link them all again here as well. This list is mostly storage-type items like under-the-bed storage, closet organization and kind of random things like a trash can and laundry drying rack. All super useful and necessary but definitely not the most exciting. 

The Decor

As I mentioned above, I don’t have a ton of decor picked out yet. Ideally, its all going to revolve around a gallery wall that goes along the wall next to my bed. I’ve been doing a lot of pinning on Pinterest for inspiration but haven’t committed to one idea yet. All I know for sure is that the gallery wall and decor is going to be the major pops of color in my room, so whatever I do, it will be fun and colorful. I have picked out a lot of my desk decor and supplies, though! For now, here’s what I’ve bought. Keep your eye our for a dorm tour in September to see how everything turns out 🙂

The Bedding

So my roommate and I are going for a grey, purple and white/cream color scheme, which I mentioned earlier in the post. Ideally, I wanted crisp white bedding with a black or purple border and coordinated purple and light grey throw pillows. With the help of my mom, I thought more practically and realized that a college dorm is not the place for white bedding (sigh). Instead, I opted for a grey quilt from West Elm. It looks a lot nicer in person than it does in the picture online! 
I am really excited about this bedding because its so versatile. If I decide I want to add more color to the room, I can easily switch out and get new throw pillows for an entirely different look. Most colors look great with this shade of grey, so its been super easy to decorate with/for. I’m still deciding on my throw pillows; I’ve only bought two so far.

Of course there are still a ton of things that I need to get before move-in day next month, but I wanted to share everything I’ve gotten so far. This week’s college-themed posts are in collaboration with Renee, Fran and Caroline, so be sure to check out their blogs today for their dorm hauls! 
Have you done any dorm shopping yet? Comment with your favorite things you’ve bought so far! 
XO, Nicole 


  1. I love the idea of having a gallery wall as decoration! My freshman year set up was kind of strange, so I really only got to decorate the area right above my desk. Your room sounds like it is going to be absolutely adorable! I think it is a good idea that you are leaving a lot of your decorations/colors open to change, so that you can switch things up if you decide you don't like the way it looks or you get bored of it!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss


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