For the third and final day of the college collab, CarolineFranRenee and I are all sharing our freshman year bucket lists. Beyond the dorm decorating and hype building up to move-in day, what I am most excited for is actually getting to college and just adjusting to and living a new day-to-day lifestyle. I am excited to meet tons of new people and be introduced to so many new experiences. College is supposed to be all about learning and trying new things and experiences, so today we all created bucket lists for our freshman year. Here’s eleven things on my freshman year bucket list:

Even though Drexel starts much later than most colleges and I have six weeks until move-in day, I am so incredibly excited and cannot wait to share all my adventures of fashion school, Philadelphia, city living and college life with you all. Comment below with your best memories/ “bucket list” items for your freshman year of college, whether you’re a freshman in high school or 5 years out of college! 

This week has been so much fun, teaming up with Renee, Caroline and Fran. Be sure to check out all their posts from today and this week. To these three ladies as well as everyone going back to school soon- best of luck in the new school year 🙂 

XO, Nicole 


  1. I've already been to White Dog twice! Its really close to Drexel's campus and my roommate actually recommended we go there during Accepted Students Day. It was so amazing- will definitely be a regular brunch place this year 🙂


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