College Posts, Videos & Tips

Sorry to disappoint with this picture of Laudrée in Soho, but this post is all about college prep. As many of you probably know by now, I’m going to be a freshman in college this year at Drexel University. I still have a few weeks until move-in day, but I’ve been doing some shopping and prep before the year starts. I’ve been reading a ton of blogs and watching a ton of YouTubers to get as prepared as possible for my freshman year- whether it’s knowing a few extra things to pack or some general tips. I figured I’d share some of my favorite posts and videos I’ve read/watched so far for any other incoming freshmen!

1. Packing List Posts

Of course, everyone is different in terms of what and how much they bring to college, but for me, having a couple different packing lists to reference made shopping so much easier. It just gave me a baseline of what I needed, rather than wandering into Target and Bed Bath & Beyond with no real “game plan”. A few of my favorite packing lists are Sammy’s, Dorothy’s, Jamie’s and Sami’s.  Between talking to friends and reading these packing lists, I feel like I’m pretty prepared. After I’m all moved in and settled, I’m totally open to posting my own packing list if you guys are interested (comment below or shoot me an email!).

2. Things You Learn Your Freshman Year of College 

I loved Jamie’s post about freshman year because it wasn’t the same generic list of things that everyone has read 100 times before. Sure, all those things are true, but I’m not really interested in reading it again. I especially loved her third point. Definitely something I’m trying to keep in mind once I get on campus.

3. How to Prepare for Freshman Year 

This post was so comforting to read. While I know there are certain things I need to do before I move in, I kept feeling like there were things I was forgetting but Lola’s post reassured me that I am doing everything I need to be doing.

4. Student Discounts

This is just an image on Pinterest, but there are SO many student discounts that I’m of course going to be taking advantage of (helllooooo J. Crew and Madewell!). Obviously I’m trying not to be a “broke college student”, so hopefully these discounts come in handy 😉

5. Printables

I know everything is going digital, but something about writing out everything I have to do makes me so much less stressed. I love these printables for organizing study schedules and just day-to-day life. I also have a planner and a Google calendar, but sometimes writing it out separately is helpful (maybe that is weird, but it’s my system!). Alex also makes awesome printables, similar to the ones I linked above. I used these a ton in high school and I’m sure I’ll use them again this year.

6. Brooke Miccio’s Videos

I’ve been watching a ton of Brooke’s videos lately. I loved her dorm hauls because, like the packing list posts, they gave me a good baseline for writing my shopping and packing lists. After that, I started watching a lot of her college videos. My college experience is going to be a lot different than Brooke’s (Northeast city campus school vs. Southern “traditional” college town school & she’s in a sorority and I probably won’t be) but I still enjoy watching her videos… They at least make me feel like I’m more prepared- ha!

Are you going back to college soon? What are your tips for incoming freshman? Comment below! XO, Nicole 

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