Summer Favorites

Donuts from Harrod’s Food Hall in London

I love watching “favorites” videos on YouTube, so I figured why not start doing seasonal favorites here on the blog. I truly don’t think I try enough new things to make this a monthly series, so I’m going to do it seasonally, or maybe twice a season depending on how much stuff I accumulate- ha!

1. Glossier Rosewater Spray // Rosewater sprays have been super popular lately; I’ve seen them all over people’s snapchats, beauty posts/videos and flat lays on Instagram (not sure if that means they actually use them, but hey, I saw them). I am a Glossier addict, so figured why not add another product to my collection with their rosewater spray. And just like every other Glossier product, I love the rosewater spray. It smells so amazing and fresh, which is the exact effect it leaves on my skin.

In the morning, after I wash my face (with Glossier milky jelly cleanser) and moisture (with Glossier priming moisturizer), I spritz my face with the rosewater spray which totally refreshes and wakes up my skin. I think my Glossier obsession at this point is just comical. I should also note that I’m not even trying to promote Glossier right now, their products have just infiltrated my morning routine (and really, my whole beauty routine). Speaking of Glossier, since I’m such a frequent customer, I’ll share my coupon code with you all to get 20% off your next Glossier purchase. Just click on this link, shop away and check out with 20% off. Enjoy, my friends. And feel free to ask me anything about my Glossier reviews, preferences, etc.- more than happy to talk Glossier, always!

2. Culottes // After traveling to London and Paris this summer, I really wanted to mimic that effortless Parisian chic style. For anyone trying to capture that French girl look, culottes are the key. Literally every French woman in Paris was wearing them. I even talked myself into buying a pair while I was there because they looked SO good on everyone I saw wearing them, which was an array of different body types, sizes, and personal styles. Culottes are definitely a trend that will continue into the fall/ winter season and I’m excited to keep trying to style them!

3. Urban Outfitters Apartment // So as many of you know, I’m going to college in a few days. I‘ve been doing a lot of dorm shopping this summer, and even since this dorm haul post, I’ve bought so much from Urban Outfitters Apartment section. I just love browsing the UO apartment section, even if I’m not buying anything anymore. The branding is on point and it is so fun just seeing all the cool, unique products they have.

4. The 1975 // I made a September playlist and in that post, I talk a bit about my recent taste in music. To keep it short and sweet here- I’ve gotten back into alternative music and have been JAMMING to The 1975 lately. Current favorite is “UGH!”, but my all time favorite will always be “Menswear”. 

5. Kate Spade 2017 Planner // My cousin and her husband got me one of my favorite graduation gifts, a Kate Spade planner. They didn’t even know, but I had a Kate Spade planner for 2016 and loved it, so this gift was such a pleasant surprise. And it was even in my preferred size and favorite pattern, striped! I’ve been using it so much this month and instead of just using it to track important dates, due dates and appointments, I’ve also been using it as very concentrated, focused to-do lists which I’ve found to be very helpful for my productivity and efficiency in a day. I’ve also been setting a ton of personal due dates (something is really due on Friday so my personal due date is Tuesday or Wednesday to stay ahead of schedule). So far this has been a great system that I hope I can continue once classes start!

6. Teardrop Silver Earrings // A few weeks ago, I finally bought these earrings that I’d been eyeing and I am obsessed with them! I have been super into silver jewelry lately, so I bought them in silver and have been wearing them nonstop. They can be dressed up or down, so I’ve been wearing them during the day and at night. They look great paired with a skinny choker, one of my favorite looks as of late.

7. Urban Outfitters Bralettes // I didn’t realize until I started writing this post how obsessed I clearly am with Urban, at least this month! I bought my first bralette about a year ago, but didn’t really become obsessed with them until this spring and summer. They are so adorable for layering- especially in the summer. I love the way they look under a cute tank or casual tee. And most importantly- they are SO comfortable. Now that I wear bralettes so often, I avoid wearing “real” bras at all costs. I’ve found the best selection at Urban Outfitters (I have 3 halters and one racerback) but a ton of my friends also love Aerie’s as well.

8. Kate Spade Purse //  I got the most beautiful and classic purse from my grandparents for my high school graduation. I love it so much and it will absolutely be a gift I treasure forever. It’s such a classic bag; I know I will be using it for many years to come. Most recently, I’ve been using it as my day-to-day handbag and also I used it every day on my trip to London and Paris!

9. Mophie Charging Case // Right before my trip, my mom picked up this charging case for m
e at Target. It was actually on accident- I asked her to get me a normal portable charger and she grabbed this by accident. I rolled my eyes a little and put it in my carry-on just in case and ended up using it my entire trip. It was incredible convenient to just press a button on my phone case and charge on the go. While the case is certainly heavier than a standard phone case, it took a day or two to adjust to but now it seems normal. It is so reassuring to know I leave the house every morning with 200% battery charged. I still use it every day and know it will be so helpful in college.

10. Bando Sticker Book Part Two // For Christmas, my mom got me the bando sticker book and I loved it for decorating my agenda and desk goodies. When I started using my 2017 agenda, I picked up the second sticker book and I’ve been loving it. They add so much personality to my agenda, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love decorating with fun stickers?!

What are your August favorites? Comment below! XO, Nicole 

20 thoughts on “Summer Favorites

  1. I am in deep love with culottes. I've somehow managed to convince myself they're all I need so I ended up with like 5 pairs! Also can we take a second to appreciate the donut photo like wut I want those immediately


  2. I love to do Art work and I found these really cool premium coloring pencils from Fantasia. They don't smudge at all and the colors are beautiful! Great for those adult coloring books! It sounds like you had an amazing summer and I LOVE my mopie 🙂


  3. LOVED reading about your favorites, especially because we didn't get to see each other – and while I would've loved to have catch up in person, I feel like I got a taste of that here until the next time we get to hang out! I have to get my hands on the second sticker book! I brought the first one you got for me back to school and like you said – a total must have.
    xoxo, Jamie


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