Parents Weekend Recap

This past weekend was Parents Weekend at my school and it was so much fun! Just spending 24 hours with my parents and sister was exactly what I needed before gearing up for final presentations, projects and exams in two short weeks (eek!). We took a ton of pictures, so I thought it would be fun to share a little recap of what we did.

First, we had lunch at Distrito on UPenn’s campus with my roommate and her parents. We were so busy catching up, I forgot to take pictures of what we actually ate, but you can trust me on this one. The guac was amazing and unlike any other guac I’ve had before. I got a burrito which was also delicious. We snapped a few pictures after our meal because the restaurant was just so cute!







After lunch, my family walked over to Magic Gardens on South Street. Unfortunately, they closed early for a private event, so we didn’t get to go in and walk around. But we did end up snapping some pictures outside! After that, we walked back to Rittenhouse and did some shopping. We spent most of the afternoon just walking around and catching up, which was so great. You really can’t compare a FaceTime convo to one in real life!
Then, we went back to University City to walk around campus and I showed my family some of my favorite places in the neighborhood, which of course included a stop at Insomnia Cookies… a place my friends and I find ourselves at more often then we’d like to admit πŸ˜‰
For dinner, my family went to Pod, a trendy Asian restaurant on University of Pennsylvania’s campus (just a short walk from Drexel). It was insanely good. We ordered a ton of dim sum (literally almost every plate on the menu) which was a great way to try so many different things. We also brought one of my best friends whose family couldn’t make it that weekend, so it was so much fun to introduce my family to her!


On Sunday, I met my parents back in Rittenhouse Square for brunch at Parc. Going with the theme of the weekend, the food was unbelievable. I had an avocado chicken BLT with fries and this sandwich was so good, I could go back and eat it everyday. We also shared a bread/ breakfast pastry basket filled with muffins, pastries and croissants which was to die for. Having little sweet pastries and things for breakfast is my absolute favorite.
After brunch, I had a mile long to-do list to catch up on and my family headed back home. It was the perfect weekend. Spending time with my family (over good food) was exactly what I needed to get through the crazy busy few weeks before Thanksgiving break.

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