New Playlist


image via Free People

Long time, no talk! I feel so disconnected from the blog. I just got back from a week in Mexico (post coming soon!) and now that I’m home, I’m getting over the stomach flu but still wanted to get a post up this week. I made this playlist in June when I got home from school to be one of my summer playlists. I was feeling super inspired at the time and planned on spending my summer working on my sketchbook/ journal, writing, painting and collaging. While I have been doing some really creative things, it’s definitely not as much as I had planned on when I got home for summer break in June. Luckily, I still have all of August and most of September to get back on track. This playlist captured my creative and inspired mood, so I like to put this on whenever I am writing or doing something creative. A few of my favorites on here are “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, “Tired of Talking” by LEON and a few of the songs from Lorde’s new album. You can listen to my playlist HERE or by following my Spotify.

What songs are on your playlist right now? Comment below!

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