Midterm Motivation

It’s Week Five here at Drexel, so we are in full blown midterms season. Quick side note for those wondering how I can already have midterms when I *just* moved back to school— Drexel is on the quarter system so we have 10 week quarters as opposed to semesters, so things move fast around here! Classes are going well so far and I am pushing through midterms but wanted to share some midterm motivation for all my college gals today! Hopefully these graphics will inspire & remind you of all your greatness and the amazing things you can achieve #girlpower

Since being at school, I’ve really missed my yoga studio at home that I had been going to for the past month or so before I moved back to Philly. This may sound corny (I didn’t truly believe it until I tried it) but I really miss all the positive energy of my yoga instructors. Each and every one of them were so wonderful and uplifting, so hopefully this post can be your dose of positive energy for the day!





I had to include this one just because I think it’s so funny and true. If you’re in phase 3 or 4, remember that it will all work out in the end! 



What sayings or mantras do you like to read when you need some motivation? How is your semester going? Comment below!  All pictures via Pinterest.

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