I think that finding one or multiple style icons/ inspirations is really important. It gives you someone something to look up to and inspires you every day. That’s one of the things I love most about blogging– it gives readers the chance to be constantly inspired! I am guilty of constantly stalking various fashion blogs, sites and magazines all the time. I just love it. So I thought I would share some of my style inspirations and icons with all of you, hope you enjoy! 

Alexa Chung // I love Alexa Chung’s tomboyish outfits that appear so easy and shabby chic. She also has a great eye for balancing details, like this outfit above.. I love the detailed blazer that makes the simple black pants and classic white blouse more exciting. 

Bonnie Barton of Flashes of Style // Flashes of Style is one of my favorite fashion blogs to read. Based in NYC, Bonnie posts outfits almost every day that are so vintage and delicate looking I think its impossible not to fall in love with them! Reading her blog and scrolling through her Instagram makes me so excited to live in New York City one day. 

Elle Fanning // Elle is probably my number one style icon because I can relate to her so much. In various interviews, she often mentions how she likes to balance the high fashion trendsetter with the teenage girl side of her, since she’s only fifteen just like me! I totally understand where she’s coming from in a fashion point of view, and I adore every one of her outfits. She’s just so darn cute! 

Carly Heitlinger from The College Prepster //  I’d by lying if I said I didn’t check College Prep at least once a day. I love reading everything Carly writes about and although I wouldn’t consider myself an uber prep, I do love her outfits and style advice. She just seems so down to earth and is such a successful blogger which makes her a huge role model for me. 

Kiernan Shipka // I love Kiernan’s over the top girly, frilly style. Seeing her red carpet looks makes me wonder how on earth a thirteen year old girl could be so chic and fashion forward?! I love the feminine, girly vibe her outfits have. 

Overall, all these ladies have clothes to die for but for me, most of them are not only fashion inspirations for me, but overall icons that inspire me every day. 

Who are your style icons?
xoxo,  Nicole 

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