Guys– I am applying to college. What?! I feel like I was just a freshman and in a few weeks I’m entering my senior year. Cliché but true, high school has flown by but I am super excited to start applying to college and start this new chapter.

Before I get started, I must share that I am still going through this process (I’m a senior in HS) and this is just advice and thoughts that I am sharing along the way. I would love any feedback and advice from others going through the process and those who have completed it to ultimately make this new series, College Confidential, as helpful to readers as it can be! 

Most college applications require some standard forms about your academic history, transcript, GPA, extracurriculars & letters of recommendations and the essay. The forms are all pretty self explanatory and cover all the basics– not too bad overall. The essay is a whole different ballgame. 

First, there is the Common Application, which for those who don’t know, is an application platform that many colleges use to submit applications (to multiple schools) through the same platform– basically making it easier for applicants. I was in AP Comp last year and after the AP exam, we spent the rest of the year working on our college essays. We wrote and edited drafts for all of the Common Application prompts (there are five to choose from). Working on the essays in school was so helpful because I was able to ask my AP Comp teacher (who is the absolute best teacher EVER) clarification questions about writing these essays. Ultimately, I walked out of my junior year with five solid essays (a few Common App prompts and a few school-specific supplemental prompts) and felt confident about entering the college application process this summer. 

What if you didn’t get to start your college essays in school and have no clue where to begin? I have something to share with you: EditRevise.

EditRevise is an online service where you can submit your essays for proofreading (for those 2am typos) and content/structure editing. So basically it is giving you the effect of having a teacher or professor read over your paper. My favorite feature of EditRevise is the optional six hour editing turnaround. Standard edits take 48 hours, but you can upgrade for a quicker, 6 hour edit time which I found super convenient when I was feeling motivated to keep working nonstop until my essays were done (still working on that one…). EditRevise also has an e-book all about writing college admissions essays if you have general questions that go beyond the draft you’re working on. I think this e-book and also their writing resource center sets them apart from other online editing services because it is about more than fixing grammar, it is about better writing. 

College application essays are a HUGE deal and I hope that students submitting college essays are 100% confident in their work. So, why EditRevise? Is it really worth it? Here’s the scoop: I’m going to compare the edits I received from three different EditRevise editors with the three rounds of editing that came from anonymous peer editing group in my AP Comp class and ultimately, the comments from my AP Comp teacher. 

The essay I submitted to EditRevise was one of the Common Application prompts that didn’t resonate as well with me and was not my strongest essay out of the five I wrote. I knew that based on writing it and seeing my classmates & teacher’s edits. I will not be using this essay in my real college applications but I thought it was the perfect way to test out EditReviseusing an essay I knew needed some edits. I will not be publishing neither the edits from my teacher nor the edits from EditRevise for confidentiality purposes of the editors and myself but here is what I took away from the two different editing systems: 

Edits from my AP Comp classmates & AP Comp Teacher: There were minor copy edits (remove this comma here; noted wrong word usage and incorrect grammar) but the edits focused mostly on content. The comments I recieved related to my tone/POV, structure and syntax, and overall “theme” of the essay and what the editor’s first impression of me based on my essay was. Overall, these edits were very helpful in shaping my essay because they pointed out things I cannot assess myself– how I presented myself to my readers who do not know me and how my tone/POV sound–which are the most challenging things for me to edit in my writing. 

Edits from EditRevise: The first round of edits, I submitted the first draft version of my paper that my classmates had anonymously edited. When I got my paper back in my e-mail inbox, I noticed that it had A LOT of edits. After reading through the comments, I felt that a lot of them were repetitive and were not really saying much. Some edits were helpful (again, with the whole “readers impression of you”) but some content edits felt forced. The second round of edits was much better. There were less in quantity, but much more in quality. Same thing around with the third round, and the edits that time were even better than the second round. The edits helped my essay show less about the actual situation I was discussing and more about myself and why that situation was significant to my life, shaping my personality etc. Overall they were very specific to my essay and helpful in putting the finishing touches on my essay.

If you want to give EditRevise a try, use this coupon code for 10% off your first submission: NICOLE10. Also, definitely enter their essay contest while you’re on their site! You can win a $10,000 scholarship, which is HUGE! Also be sure to keep up with EditReivse on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

To all rising seniors working on college applications & essays– best of luck!!! 

XO, Nicole

Thank you to Her Campus Media & Edit Revise for sponsoring this post!


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  3. I'm applying to colleges this year too! I wish we had spent more time in class working on essays. We only got a little powerpoint on what not to do. Which essay topic are you going to go with?
    Great read!


  4. Yay for class of 2016!!! I am kind of considering TOTALLY revamping the ones I worked on in AP Comp (we call AP lang “ap comp” at my school haha). The edits and advice I got from my teacher were SUPER helpful though!! Good luck with college apps & senior year!! XO, Nicole


  5. I thought this was such a great post! I love how you broke everything down! You explained Edit Revise so well – I wish I knew about it last year. It's awesome even just as a tool to reinforce the essay you wrote – sometimes seeing other edits can solidify your own opinions about what you wrote (does that make sense, haha?).
    xoxo, Jamie


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