Color Story: Dusty Rose

In certain seasons, there is a specific silhouette, fabric or item that I obsess over. This past spring, it was a silhouette: off the shoulder tops and dresses. This fall however, I have a feeling that dusty rose is going to be the “it” color. I made a Pinterest board and then translated those images into true mood boards to showcase the ideas and concepts behind this color story.

I predict that this color is going to be particularly popular in nail polish, eyeshadow and lipstick, because they’re all easy ways to “test” the color/ trend before buying a higher ticket item like a dress or bag. I also think this color is going to be popular for denim patches and embroidery, like roses sewn on the back of a denim jacket or something like that. I envision this color on a silky slip dress, as a matte lipstick, as a skinny velvet choker and so many more looks. Here are my mood boards for the color of the season, dusty rose.

How are you planning to sport the color of the season? Comment below! XO, Nicole 

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