As many of you know from a previous post from about a month ago, my host sister and her team traveled to Amsterdam a few weeks ago to compete in the Rowing World Championships. My host sister was specifically competing in the Women’s 8+. In my previous post, I talked a lot about how amazing it is having a host sister and also I featured an adorable digital card from Treat that would make the perfect congrats message after her race. 

I am posting again to share some amazing news… my host sister and her boat won the gold medal in their race!! I am SO proud of Team USA across the board, because everyone did so well, but I am especially proud of my host sister. The amount of training that they put into their sport is crazy, and I am so glad that all their hard work paid off. Here are a few pictures from US Rowing from after their race: 

My host sister, Amanda!! 

All photos from US Rowing Flickr

And once again, congrats Amanda & the Women’s 8+. In case you missed my last post (check it out here), here’s the congrats card I sent to Amanda from Treat.

Also, if you want to take a look at their race, as well as any other races from the Rowing World Champs.. take a look here

If you want to keep in touch with everything USRowing, or specifically the Women’s 8+, follow US Rowing on all major social medias (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) & be sure to follow the US Women’s 8+ blog and donate to US Rowing!  

Congrats again to the Women’s 8+ and the entire US Rowing Team! Want to know more about US Rowing or having a host sister? Comment below! 

XOXO, Nicole

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