Crushing on Culottes

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Culottes have been up and coming for the past few seasons, but I swore it was a trend I would never understand and certainly never wear. During my recent trip to Paris, I saw all the Parisian and European women wearing them. And they all looked amazing. For a lot of reasons, my Europe trip influenced and sparked a change in my style for the better, and my new crush on culottes is one of these changes.

I love that culottes are a multi-seasonal piece, depending on the fabric, print and color, of course. While I was in Paris, I bought a pair of black and white striped culottes from Zara that I simply adore. On a warm Parisian night, I paired them with a black ribbed mock turtleneck tank top, but these can also be paired with a cropped sweater or tight long sleeve top tucked in. I also love the idea of layering my black mock turtleneck with a bulky denim jacket or black leather moto jacket for some dimension.


What trends were you initially nervous to try but ended up loving? What do you think about culottes? Comment below! XO, Nicole 

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