I love desks. Don’t ask me why (though it could be influenced by my major obsession with office supplies), but I do. Everything from the cork board decor to the post-it notes along the surface, I love desks. Today’s post is part one of two for desk week of Cathleen and my Bloggers Go Back to School Linkup. If you haven’t heard about it yet and/or want to get involved– e-mail me

Today I’m going to share some of my dream desk setups and dream desk supplies. On Wednesday, I’ll be sharing my actual desk setup and my desk supplies (going to Target, Michael’s and Staples tomorrow). Also a #BloggerBlab recap from last Wednesday is coming later today. Now back to today’s post. 

Here are a few dream desks taken from my desktop Pinterest board. Want to see more? Follow here for frequent updates!

Amazing, right?! I am seriously in love *heart eyes emoji* (PS- when are emojis coming to Blogger?). Now for my dream desk supplies… 

dream desk

Paper Products. The gold & white striped notebook and gold & white stripped monogrammed stationary from Design Darling are seriously too cute. I have the gold polka dot Kate Spade agenda, so I am loving the idea of a gold and white desk accessories theme this school year. I love the file folders are because it brightens up the desk drawers instead of just having manilla file folders. The ban.do graphic sticky notes are great for spicing up an agenda, leaving reminders, marking pages, leaving notes for friends… I definitely need them. Not really sure if these fall into the “paper” category, but this year I am obsessed with stickers (thanks to Jamie, haha) and am contemplating ordering ban.do’s when they come back in stock. Also, these emoji stickers from Paper Source are SO funny! Poppin’s “to-do list” sticky notes are super cute and practical. I am always jotting down mini to-do lists on post-its, so why not have an entire stack dedicated to just that?!

Desk Accessories. Not that I have any use for it, but how adorable is the gold & white polka dot clipboard?! All the monogrammed acrylic accessories from Design Darling are super cute but I’ve never gotten around to ordering them. Also, the acrylic stapler and tape dispenser compliment the other acrylic accessories nicely… If I get one I might as well just take the plunge and get all of them, right? Speaking of Design Darling’s super cute desk accessories that you don’t really need but are super super cute, the Jonathan Adler gold and white zebra tray is calling my name. 

Pens & Pencils.  I love color-coding (shoutout to my #BloggerBlab girls & my color-coded pens), so naturally I need the assorted colors pack of Le Pens. If you’re not into color-coding but still want some fun pens, try Poppin. Poppin pens look super cute and colorful, but write in black and blue only. The perfect compromise? I think so! I have the Kate Spade pencil pouch but actually use it in my backpack/purse to carry chapstick, hair ties and other on-the-go essentials. I love ban.do’s creative & cute pencil cases for school, especially the “I Am Very Busy” print. All of the different pencils with little phrases on the ends are so adorable. I love this set because they are kind of motivational and I definitely need that extra push sometimes when I’m up late finishing homework. 

Whew! So, I want to know– what are your dream desk supplies? Brands, items, styles… comment below! I am going BTS supply shopping tomorrow and would LOVE some recommendations! Have you tried any of the products mentioned in my post? Tell me if you like them! I don’t have any of them and am considering picking up one or two of them (hardest decision ever) and would love some user feedback. Don’t forget to LINKUP your desk post(s) this week below for #BloggersBTS! 

XO, Nicole



  1. Ooo I have the Jonathan Adler Zebra dish and although it's smaller than I expected it to be, it's adorable and I hold my rings and some of my earrings in there! Also I have essentially the same idea for what I want my desk area to look like! I'm putting my post up on Wednesday, and I'll link it here so you can check it out!



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