The blogging community is awesome. Beyond just reading other bloggers’ posts, commenting and connecting on social media, I have had the privilege of meeting one of the amazing bloggers in this community. Last Monday, Jamie, aka The Fashion Newcomer, and I were able to meet up in New York City again while she was still home on winter break. If nothing else comes from blogging, I feel so lucky to have made such a great friend! We are so similar, we always joke that we’re the same person. There are so many amazing people in this world and I am so thankful that blogging brought Jamie and I together. 

Last time we spent a day in the city together (besides NYFW), we went exploring uptown to Treat House and the Kate Spade flagship on Madison. For this trip, we planned to venture down to Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. We met at Penn Station, and from there we were off to Chelsea Market. 

 We stopped a few boutiques and stands, my favorite was Verrier Fashion, a boutique of handcrafted cards, posters and paper products. All of their prints were filled with bright colors and fun glitter accents, the perfect touch for any gallery wall or inspiration board. I will definitely be back once I start buying things for my dorm (eep!). Of course, we also stopped at the Pamela Barsky stand to look at all the cute pouches. I didn’t get one (I was trying to be economical) but now I’m wishing I did. There’s always next time I guess 😉 It was super cold out, so before we ventured out in search of a place to eat lunch, we stopped in Anthropologie. I had never been in this location before and it was beautiful. We spent most of our time in the sale section, and let me tell you, it was the largest sale selection I had ever seen. I had my eye on a few coats (its an unhealthy obsession at this point) but ended up getting a little change purse to put on my lanyard with my keys to hold my license and some money. 

After Chelsea Market, we headed to lunch at Dos Caminos. Jamie had been to one of the other locations, but I had never been before. It was so yummy and such a cute atmosphere! We shared an order of chips & guac (basically mandatory if I’m eating Mexican) and we both got Naked Chicken Tacos (so basically, taco fillings with rice, quinoa and salad instead of on a taco). It was the perfect lunch spot: delicious food, great atmosphere & catching up with Jamie was so great. 

Next, we walked over to Gansevoort Market in pursuit of Dana’s Bakery macarons (and to escape the cold). The market was definitely smaller than Chelsea Market and it was predominately food vendors. First, we went to Dana’s Bakery. I got four macarons: champagne, cinnabon, café mocha & red velvet. But while we were walking to the Dana’s Bakery stand, we saw a crepe place. So, we came up with a perfect compromise. Get macarons for later, eat crepes now. So, we headed to the Crêpe Sucre counter for some Nutella (me) and Nutella & banana (Jamie) crêpes, which were très délicieux.

After our snack, we wanted to check out Story.  If you’ve never heard of Story, they describe themselves as a retailer that has the “point of view of a magazine”, that “changes like a gallery” and “sells [merchandise] like a store”. So basically, Story changes their entire store every 1-2 months. There is always an overarching idea, issue or theme to each product in the store. Then, after a month or so, the entire store changes to focus on a new idea. Some of the previous stories have been Well Being, Style Tech, Love and Made in America. When Jamie and I went, it was the Feel Good story (its still going on!). You guys know I love everything about the fashion and retail business, so visiting Story was such a cool experience for me. Being there, knowing they completely change everything from their visual merchandising to products to lighting every four to eight weeks is mind-blowing. Sure, other stores get new merchandise all the time and have to make changes, too. But to change everything and potentially also shift their target market and price points? So cool. Story has been able to do it flawlessly, so far. I am excited to continue to follow their journey and see how they impact the retail world. 

Following the trend of our day, after visiting Story, Jamie and I went… you guessed it. For more food. Well, technically. We wanted coffee and needed to start heading back to Midtown to catch our respective trains, so we stopped at Fillicori for a caffeine pick-me-up. We had the best lattés and the barista even gave us a little latté art 🙂 From there, it was a short walk back to Penn Station where we had to say goodbye until next time. 

I cannot get over the fact that I have made such a close friend through blogging. Jamie is such an amazing friend and I feel so thankful that we have had the opportunity to meet through blogging. I consider Jamie one of my close friends and I can’t imagine not having her. From talking about fashion and blogging to getting a fresh perspective on something going on at school, I know I can always talk to her. I can’t wait until she’s home from school and we meet up in the city again! If you don’t already read her blog, be sure to check it out HERE

XO, Nicole 


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