While I’ve been blogging since 2012 (Empire Styles since 2013; I had a blog under a different name prior to ES), I never really got involved in the community of blogging until this spring with my relaunch. I didn’t attend any conferences but I did look into them, and I started connecting with other bloggers through collaborations and link-ups. 

Last week, I got to meet Jamie of The Fashion Newcomer. We had been e-mailing back and forth for a few months and really clicked (haha get it because we were connected through the internet? ok, c’mon I tried) and since we’re both a short train ride away from NYC, why not meet up for a day!

We started our day at the Bryant Park Maison Kayser (a good meeting point between Grand Central & Penn). I grabbed a water since I had drank an iced coffee on the train and wanted to stay hydrated and Jamie grabbed an iced coffee. From there, we were off! 

Jamie mentioned this great boutique she shops at called Dor L’Dor, so of course we had to stop. I am impartial to loving small businesses and boutiques (because I work at one!) and Dor L’ Dor was AMAZING. Affordable, trendy, and a super large selection. Everything from “going-out” tops and party dresses to everyday flannels and jeans. We both ended up purchasing two tops, which was a great way to start the day. I’m so mad I forgot to take pictures of the store but next time I will for sure. 

From there, we were on a mission to make it to Kate Spade’s flagship store on Madison Avenue. It was a far walk from where we were, so we had to make a few stops along the way… 

Our first stop along the way was Bergdorf’s. We had both recently watched the documentary Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s and had never been before, so we decided to walk around. Let me tell you, if you ever need some motivation just take a walk through Bergdorf’s. My new life goal is to work hard enough to be able to shop there, even if just once, for only one item. I was obsessed with the shoe department… ultimate goals. We felt so so so out of place, but it was so worth it. We took some funny snapchats while we were there as well! (follow us @ empirestyles and fashionnewcomer). Above are a few pictures of the gorgeous pre-fall displays. 

Still in pursuit of 789 Madison Ave (Kate Spade), we were getting hungry. So in typical blogger fashion, we had lunch at the Plaza. My younger sister actually recommended this restaurant to us, Todd English Food Hall. Let me tell you, it is SO cool. It was kind of underneath the rest of the Plaza Hotel and felt like a whole other world. The menu had so many options and neither of us could decide, so we split a margherita pizza and sesame chicken dumplings. While these two dishes don’t exactly go together, they were both AMAZING. We discoverd all these cute little food vendors/boutiques down there as well (think crepes, dumplings, sushi, macarons and chocolates galore). It is seriously like a whole new city within the Plaza. And not pretentious at all, which was great, especially after our out-of-place feeling in Bergdorf’s. 

After lunch, we had to stop for dessert but didn’t feel like trekking to Laudree (I know, practically against all blogger laws) but we went to Macaron Cafe instead and it was SO good. Cheaper than Laudree (I didn’t have to pay extra for a box, woohoo!) and just as yummy. 

After our dessert break, we finally made it to Kate Spade!!! A favorite brand for
both of us and our trip together didn’t disappoint. The store was decorated and merchandised to perfection, as always. I am obsessed with the entire collection in the stores right now. We had both seen exclusive Kate Spade Madison Avenue stickers on social media before, so we asked the best sales associate ever Ashley if she knew of them and found some to give to us! We also took some adorable pictures on their balcony. 

Of course we needed another dessert break so we headed to Treat House (and stay tuned for some more very very exciting & yummy things soon!!!!!) and had the best time. It was decorated to perfection (there was a chalkboard and a tree swing!!) plus the treats were beyond delicious. So many different flavors it was hard to only choose four! 

Our cab driver dropped us off a block away from the Ralph Lauren store on 5th and we had wanted to try Ralph’s Coffee, so it was really the perfect opportunity. The decor and aesthetic of the café was amazing (think white subway tiles with forest green accents) and the coffee was delish. The best part of Ralph’s, though, was being able to sit down and write our dear friend Cathleen a postcard that we got from Kate Spade (they have free ones in the stores every month!). 

All in all, we walked 9.2 miles (!!!) and had the BEST time. From just getting to know each other better to realizing that we are literally the same person was super fun. E-mailing and videochatting was awesome but getting to meet in person was unreal. I am still amazed at this entire blogging world and community and all that its brought to me! I can’t wait to hang out with Jamie again and hopefully meet some other NYC area in the future as well! 

Have you ever met blogger IRL before? Comment below & share your story!

XO, Nicole


  1. Yes yes a million times yes! Can't wait for the next time. Considering we walked 9 miles, I think that SO makes the Treat House worth it and acceptable. Plus, who can deny gourmet rice krispies? Hahaha. XO, Nicole


  2. Thanks, Sydney! It really was such an incredible day. It was so weird to just look at eachother and be like, wait, this is real. And we met on the internet. Its kind of weird to think about, but SO cool! It was such a fun day– def let me know if you're ever in the NYC area! XO, Nicole


  3. Thanks Cristina!!! I loved following along on snap/insta etc. when you met Rachel! And yes yes yes we would love to meet you! Def tweet/snap/email etc. if you're ever in NYC, we're both a short train ride away! XO, Nicole


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