From HitClips in the early 2000’s (who remembers these?!)  to Apple’s annually updated iPhones, the technology industry is constantly changing. Technology has become such a crucial part of our lives, from how we work to how we socialize. Our society moves with the advances in technology. Similarly, the fashion industry is always developing and changing. From new trends on the runway to new fabric technologies,  the changes in the fashion industry reflect the changes in our society. Fashion often represents these changes.

Bringing these two powerful forces, fashion and technology, together creates an unstoppable force. This force is a wearable art form that is also beneficial to society. Its more than a cute phone case for your iPhone. They are products that merge the fashion industry with the latest advances in technology. Throughout the post, there are a ton of links and editorials about all the products, so be sure to check them out for more info about each product.

The Smart Belly Band, developed by Drexel University’s Shima Seiki Haute Technology Laboratory, is a band for pregnant women that monitors their baby in real time. This band is a prime example of wearable technology. While it may not be fashionable per se, it takes some of the latest developments in fabric technology and meets the needs of the medical world. The Smart Belly Band is going through clinical trials and does not seem to be on the market yet, but it marks the beginning of the future of medicine.

Technically, this is not quite fashion, but I still wanted to include it because this product is awesome. L’Oreal recently announced a new Smart Skincare Patch that monitors UV exposure and helps to monitor sun exposure in order to help consumers become more aware about their skin and the effects of the sun. The cosmetics industry is obviously based in science and technology, so it is not quite as monumental, but I think it is very significant that such a popular makeup company is making advances in practical skincare products because it will hopefully encourage more women to be conscious of their skin. In a time where baking in the sun to get the perfect bronze glow is so popular, I think this product is so important. Hopefully, this product not only helps educate consumers about the negative effects of the sun, but also signals a societal shift in prioritizing skincare over a bronzed glow.

The athleisure trend has taken over the fashion world. The tech world has jumped on the bandwagon to help create wearable technology for athletes, like the FitBit. Even cooler (in my opinion) than the FitBit is Under Armour’s latest release: The Healthbox.  There are so many different fitness apps and gadgets that track different aspects of our lives, but the Healthbox seems like the most well-rounded approach, tackling all of our health concerns with one product. Beyond the Healthbox, Under Armour also has a E39 shirt which is a “workout shirt with a removable biometric sensor” to measure and track features of the user’s workout from heart rate to power of a jump. Talk about the future of fashion!

Toss your mophie aside and embrace Kate Spade’s latest collaboration with Everpurse, which created handbags that have the ability to charge your smartphone. While there are many (inexpensive) portable chargers that work just as well as the charger connected to your Kate Spade handbag, I guess its convenient to have them connected. This is definitely not a groundbreaking advancement in fashionable technology because there are other means to solve the problem of low battery on-the-go, but it is certainly cool. I’m sure there will be more products like this in the future and one day we’ll look back at the days where portable chargers weren’t connected to our bags.

This fall, Apple came out with an updated version of the Apple Watch in collaboration with Hermès. This is not only significant because it is a collaboration between two major players in their respective industries, it also makes wearable technology more fashionable. While this collaboration is certainly not affordable for all, it marks the beginning of wearable technology becoming accessible and fashionable for all.

These products are just the beginning of what I think will be a generation of technology and fashion collaborations like we have never seen before. I am excited to see how new technologies and the wearable tech trend continue to impact our lives and the fashion world. So, what’s next? (West Wing, anyone?)

Have you used any wearable tech products? What are your thoughts about the recent increases in fashion technology collaborations? Comment below! 

XO, Nicole


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