Fall is absolutely my favorite season. The food, the fashion, the weather… To me, it’s perfect. It’s cold, but not bitterly freezing. It’s warm sometimes, but not sweltering. I love this year’s fall trends and here are some of my favorite looks: 

Elbow Patches // I love the classic, New England prep look that elbow patches have. Whenever I see elbow patches I just always envision a preppy New Englander wearing an elbow-patched sweater. I just bought the cutest Topshop jacket with black leather elbow patches — too cute. 

Jackets // I love all the conventional & unconventional jacket shapes that are emerging this fall. There are so many new silhouettes and I am loving them all. This over-sized camel pea coat is one of my favorite color/ shape combinations. 

Mixing Patterns & Textures // I love the contrast between the sequins, chiffon, plaid flannel & military coat. It is so “fall” to me but it is also unique. I know I wouldn’t think to pair a delicate sequined chiffon-esque skirt with a tougher military style jacket and heavy plaid flannel but it just works. 

Over-sized Chunky Scarves // I love scarves. I currently have an estimated amount of 20. Some of my favorite fall scarves are the heavy, chunky knitted ones that keep you super warm. They are so snuggly and I could just weae them all day. 

Beauty in Simplicity // I am seeing a lot of very simple outfits that are just so gorgeous. For example this dress layered with a plain camel sweater is just so cute. Maybe its just me, but I am obsessed with this outfit. 

Embellishments  // Studs, jewels and other embellishmets are so popular this year. I love seeing unexpected jewels on sweaters, shoes and dresses. I am always one for adding a little sparkle! 

What are your favorite fall trends this year? 

xoxo, Nicole 

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**All photos are not mine, they are from Pinterest. **

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