My host sister and the US Rowing Team left yesterday for the Rowing World Championships in Amsterdam. I am so excited to watch the US W8+ (Women’s 8 seat boat) in their race. Not only are they all amazing athletes, they are also an amazing group that I feel so lucky to have gotten to know! 

Living with my host sister, Amanda, has been so much fun. When my family agreed to host a US Rower, we were not expecting such an amazing experience. I ended up with an older sister that I always wanted! Amanda is seriously like another one of the family. We have pizza and movie nights with her, go to Beyonce with her (casually…), obsessively watch Scandal and New Girl together… Amanda became the older sister I always wanted and having her has a host sister has been beyond amazing. 

I am so excited for her as she leaves for Amsterdam and gets ready to race in the Women’s 8+… Be sure to check the USA Women’s 8+ blog to hear frequent updates from the team and also be sure to donate to the team to help fund their costs of travelling, training and racing. There are also some great videos on that site of past victories, like last year’s World Championships! 

I am so proud of my host sister and her team, I can’t wait to congratulate her when she comes back, although our with our travel schedules, we completely miss each other! Since I won’t be seeing my host sister for weeks after her race, I figured the perfect way to congratulate her, regardless of the final times from her race, was a digital card from Treat

Treat is a new greeting card company that personalizes each message sent. With the option of paper or digital, it is the perfect way to always stay connected to friends and family. With personalized cards for every occasion, I knew I would be able to find the perfect card to send to Amanda. Take a look below at the Congrats card I chose for her. 

This card is perfect to digitally send to Amanda after her race, letting her know that we watched her race and are so proud of her. Treat has the perfect card for every occasion, I highly recommend taking a look at their selection for any event from birthdays and thank you cards to a congrats and anniversary. 

Below are some pictures of the US Rowing Team and Amanda, my host sister, before leaving for Amsterdam yesterday! 

Good luck & Go USA!! Want to know more about US Rowing or having a host sister? Comment below! 

XOXO, Nicole

Contact |  empirestylesblog@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “GO TEAM USA!

  1. Thank you Nicole and Treats for such a cute and touching card! Nicole, you are an absolutely amazing young lady and I love being your big sister ;)! Thinking of you and Kiddo every day, miss you!
    Love, Amanda


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