While I was in New York City for Beauty Editor’s Day, I also had the opportunity to meet with Carly of The College Prepster. For anyone who doesn’t know what The College Prepster is, I highly recommend reading it. TCP is no doubt my favorite blog to read… I love how down to earth Carly’s posts are and she always is blogging about something new and exciting, from outfit posts to her super cute puppy, reading TCP is always a pleasure. Another great thing about Carly’s blog is that nothing is forced and everything is “Carly”. You know that everything you’re reading is quality and that the items she discusses and promotes on her blog, yes may be through a paid collab with a brand, but never forced (does that make any sense?) Basically, her content is never fake, it is always fresh and interesting to read. 

Carly and I met at this adorable coffee shop on the Upper East Side, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (new favorite coffee shop btw), though there are other locations all around Manhattan! (Side note: Forgetting that I was meeting Carly for coffee, I had a nice walk from Penn Station all the way to 83rd st. with a venti iced coffee in hand, but by the time I arrived (after walking from 35th to 83rd plus over a few avenues) I was ready for another! 

Carly and I talked a lot about school and the college application process as well as college in general. After speaking with Carly, I am feeling a lot less stressed about SAT’s, college applications, AP tests etc. because those things don’t single-handedly determine my future. One of the best pieces of advice she gave me was that if you were meant to do something and you set your mind to it, the little steps along the way (ie what college you go to) don’t matter as much as long as you work hard and stay determined and inspired. Carly was so incredibly sweet and down to earth. I had such a great time meeting one of my biggest blog/ fashion inspirations. It was truly the perfect start to my morning and a great way to kick off such a fun day! (To see what I did later that day, check it out here!)

Thanks again Carly for a great morning! Do you read The College Prepster? What is your favorite thing about Carly’s blog? Comment below! 

XOXO, Nicole

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