This year, I had the opportunity to go to New York Fashion week, thanks to Marist College and Nannette Lepore. Marist is definitely a college I am looking to apply to for fashion merchandising, and I was beyond ecstatic when I received an invitation email to a NYFW show presented by Marist featuring Nannette Lepore’s S/S ’15 collection. A few of my friends from my spring FIT precollege class were also invited, so we all met up in New York City once again for an unforgettable night.  

My NYFW day started with a blowout at the one and only Drybar with my friend Molly (check out her blog here!), her mom and my mom. We had such a fun time at Dry Bar.. my stylist helped me choose the perfect hairstyle for my busy day ahead: a tighter version of the Mai Tai, so that by the time I arrived at the iconic NYFW tents, my hair was looking fresh out of the salon. 

After Drybar, my mom and I headed to Serafina for a quick bite to eat before the reception. I’m so glad we ate before the reception because my friends and I were so busy catching up and taking photos, we barely ate any of the food there! 

The reception Marist provided was so nice. We were in a large hall with a balcony directly across from the iconic tents, which made the perfect photo spot! 

What’s NYFW without a good selfie?!

I have never really looked at Nannette Lepore’s collections before this past week. The only reason her brand was really on my radar was because of blogger Nicole Loher, aka The Style Student, who works there and also one of my TA’s from the program I did at Drexel this summer, who co-oped there. Now… she is 100% on my radar. I loved every look that walked the runway and I will def be keeping my eye out for future collections! 

I would describe Nannette Lepore’s SS ’15 collection as happy summer. The music was energetic and bright, the fabrics were flowey, silky and light, the colors were eye-catching: yellow, aqua, white, the patterns spoke summer: bright geometrics and nautical navy and white stripes. Check out the whole collection here. Here are some of the pictures I snapped during the show: 

Seeing Nannette Lepore’s NYFW show was truly a dream come true (and another one crossed of my 101 in 1001!), and all thanks goes to Marist College! Also, congratulations to Nannette Lepore for being awarded Marist’s Silver Needle Award! 

Have you ever been to NYFW? What was your favorite part? Comment below! 

XO, Nicole 

Contact |  empirestylesblog@gmail.com


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