The fact that I love being organized is no secret, I even have an entire organization board on Pinterest. That being said, I love my planner. Seriously, my entire life is recorded inside it. Schoolwork, events, scheduling blog posts… you name it, it is probably in my planner. I love seeing how other people organize their planners, plus I thought I would showcase what the new Lilly planners look like for this year in case anyone was thinking about buying one! 

Some basic facts before we begin: my planner is the Jumbo size in “Biggest Fan” from Lilly Pulitzer. Last year, my planner was a Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo planner in “Get Nauti”.

The first three pictures are from my 2014-15 agenda and the last two pictures are from my 2013-14 agenda. 

Do you use an agenda? How do you organize it? Comment below! 

XOXO, Nicole

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