Style Files: September 2016









Happy September! With so much Europe content to publish in August, I skipped out on a Style File post but they’re back. As usual, the full collection of inspirations and pictures is linked here. I am SO excited for this fall’s trends. The past few fall seasons have quite honestly been very “blah”. The trends and looks weren’t anything to get excited about. It kind of felt like the same old, same old. This season, however, there are new and fresh looks that I am LOVING.

Fall fashion and dressing is my favorite (even in the blah seasons), which doubles my excitement. I’ve been doing some fall shopping and I am looking forward to putting together some great outfits to share. For now, here’s my September fashion and overall mood board of the latest looks, trends and styles I’m loving.

As the pictures above show, as does the larger collection of pictures in my September Style Files Pinterest board, a few things I’m loving this month are denim, chokers and fresh-faced makeup. I’ve never been a huge denim girl, in fact, when I was just three years old I asked my mom if she could add pink sparkles and fringe to my jeans because I thought they were too boring. Recently, I’ve been seeing so many great denim looks, I’m inspired to try it myself. Jeans used to always be seen as just a basic item in an outfit, but now, the jeans are the statement piece. With patches and embroidery trending as well as a movement away from the simple skinny jean, there are so many more possibilities for denim.

Chokers have been super popular throughout the spring and summer seasons and they’re not going away any time soon. Whether its knotting a skinny scarf around your neck or wearing a ribbon as a choker, there are so many ways to incorporate this trend into everyday fashion. I picked up a few checkers recently and can’t wait to start styling them soon. Maybe even a whole post on chokers this fall?

In January, I was introduced to and started using Glossier beauty products. Since then, I have become completely obsessed with the brand. Everything from the top notch products to the impeccable branding and wonderful customer service, Glossier is a one-of-a-kind, overall amazing brand. Their look is very fresh, dewy and natural, which I love. Since using their face masks, moisturizer and cleanser, my skin has improved greatly and I don’t feel like I have to wear as heavy foundation as I used to. I love more natural makeup looks, especially since my skin is looking better, and it’s definitely something I will continue to love and “wear” this month.

Happy September! What trends and looks are you loving for this month? Comment below!  XO, Nicole 

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