I had my last final of junior year this morning… so it is officially summer (and I am technically a senior? What?!!). I am hoping to do one or two posts to recap junior year next week: one or two posts about the academics (the college search, SAT/ACT/AP exams, creating a manageable schedule etc.) and one or two posts about some of the fun things I didn’t get a chance to blog about during the year (junior prom, Teen Vogue Fashion University, FIT precollege… )

Anyways, on to today’s post: SUMMER! I have been dreaming of the sunshine hitting my skin, the sand in my toes, the salt in my hair… ah, just perfect. As of now, my summer is going to be pretty lowkey. My family and I are going away to Mexico for a week in July (counting down the days!!) and in August, one of my friends from Drexel last summer, Gina, is coming to visit me!! But other than that, I will just be working, blogging, relaxing and chipping away at my 1500 pages of AP Lit readings for the summer.

To kickoff summer, I am sharing a few of my favorite pictures from my Sunshine State of Mind board on Pinterest. This board helped me get through the brutal winter (stressful academics & subzero temperatures) I had. This board was my dream: a no-stress, beautiful beach. Here’s a few of my favorite summer-inspired pictures to kick of the season! 

What are you looking forward to this summer? Comment below! 

XO, Nicole 

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  1. Agreed! I'm a Jersey girl, so my winter probably wasn't quite as bad as yours, but I'm ready to soak up the sun at every chance possible to recover from those subzero days! Thanks for commenting! XO, Nicole


  2. I'm looking forward to beach days! After this past winter in New England, a little vitamin D is needed :-). I LOVE the flamingo raft. Need it!

    xoxo, Mindy


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