The Best Snapchats to Follow

I’ve been loving Snapchat lately. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about having brands, bloggers and influencers enter the social media platform that was exclusively social. By “exclusively social”, I mean that before, Snapchat was a platform where users only followed their friends and family, no celebrities, stores, bloggers or anyone they didn’t know. When brands and bloggers first started creating content on Snapchat, I was hesitant to add them, but eventually did because I didn’t want to miss out on the exclusive Snapchat content.
Now, I love how brands and influencers have adapted to this new platform to share their content and also explore their personal brand on a whole new level. Snapchat is so personal, so any user who us utilizing the platform as part of their business and/or brand, must have a deep sense of their brand and their Snapchat content must reflect that. Here are a few of my favorite Snapchatters to follow:
1. Elaine Welteroth (elainewelteroth) // Elaine is the Snapchat QUEEN, guys. I love seeing little peeks into her life. Between living in NYC, traveling a lot and being Editor of Teen Vogue, there is always something exciting going on. She’s great about updating her story, so there’s always something new to watch from Elaine. She has such a great personality that shines through effortlessly on her snaps. If you add anyone from this roundup, make it her!
2. College Fashionista (cfashionista) // College Fashionista has really adapted to creating exclusive content on Snapchat and they’re killing it. They have a segment called #CFLive where different Style Guru’s take over their snapchat for a few hours. CF did a really great job of integrating the Style Guru’s, something that is the foundation of their publication, into their Snapchat, while still sharing some exclusive CF content as well.
3. Man Repeller (manrepeller) // It’s no secret that I love Man Repeller. With the recent introduction of Instagram Stories, Man Repeller hasn’t been as active on Snapchat (boo), but I’m still listing them in my favorites because when they do snap, its gold. Pure gold. Behind-the-scenes, Leandra just talking and basically anything else you can imagine.
4. Hallie (coralsncognacs) // Hallie is so freakin’ funny. Between teaching Soul Cycle classes and maintaining her blog, there’s always something fun and exciting going on in her life. She recently started doing an exclusive Snapchat series all about the horrors of Tinder which has been hilarious.
5. Julia (galmeetsglam) // Julia seems to always be traveling to a new and beautiful place, and she covers all her travels on Snapchat. Definitely add her on Snapchat for a serious case of wanderlust! Not to mention, I love the series she does with her husband, Thomas, called “Four Eyes on the Pink Couch” which is just a fun Q&A they do together.
6. Grace (grace.atwood) // I love Grace’s snaps. It really shows the life behind what being a full-time blogger looks like. It’s a lot more than just shopping and outfit posts. Grace is always going to an event or doing something for her website, which I really respect and admire. Not to mention it looks pretty fun!
7. Teen Vogue (teenvogue) // Teen Vogue snaps are so on-brand, it’s crazy (good). There’s certainly a lot of content to tap through, but it’s quality for sure. There are so many exclusive snaps and takeovers with different models and celebrities. I also love seeing any and all things behind-the-scenes at Teen Vogue.
8. Jessica (jessicasturdy) // Jessica is so hilarious. This side of her doesn’t always come out on her blog posts, so it’s been so fun “getting to know her” over Snapchat and seeing more of her personality shine through. She recently travelled to Italy and documented every minute of her trip on Snapchat, which I loved. I felt like I was there with her!
Who are your favorite Snapchatters? Comment below! And don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat –> nicolecoppins. XO, Nicole 

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