A lot of the trends this season are what I consider “repeats”. Some of the major things forecasters are predicting, magazines have been writing about, and designers showed on the runway include graphic black and white, maxi dresses, bold florals, maxi dresses/ skirts, pastels and crop tops. While I do love all these trends, they’re not all that new. For example… F/W 2012, when the peplum top trend exploded. It was THE must-have item. This year, there wasn’t one trend that hit me like that. Even though we’ve seen some of these trends before, this year the rules are changing and fashionistas everywhere are coming up with ways to make these trends look brand new. 

The Boxy Crop Top // To keep it short & sweet– Say goodbye to the form fitting peplum and hello to the boxy crop top for this season! The boxy crop does not have to be a stomach-showing workout top, so don’t be intimidated. Pair this top with a flirty, mid-rise midi or maxi skirt for an elegant look or with high waisted ankle pants for a more casual look. 

The Maxi // Its a long story….The amazingly comfortable and chic dress is back for another year! Wear the maxi as a skirt or a dress for any occasion as casual as the beach and as fancy as an evening party. Coming in every color, print and fabric imaginable, maxis are an easy summer outfit that looks super cute and put together, while still being comfortable. As for accessorizing the maxi… Shoes– wedges and sandals; Cardigans & Jackets– denim jackets and vests, cropped cardigans or a pashmina wrap with a fancier maxi; Hair– since your dress/ skirt is so long, any up-do looks great with a maxi to play with the proportions of your long shape. 

The Midi // The longer I see it, the more I like it! This new skirt silhouette is shorter than a maxi but longer than a mini skirt. It hits mid-calf, somewhere around halfway between your ankle and knee. Think Grace Kelly chic. Pair it with a boxy crop top for a trendy, yet elegant outfit. Midi skirts look best with a sandal or flat, so say goodbye to the days of hobbling on 6 inch wedges and hello to comfy sandals and a flowy midi skirt! 

Pastels // Last year, bold, bright colors were the big thing, but this year its all about pastels. Blush, baby blue, lavender.. you name it! Pastels can be seen on everything from blouses and pants to bauble necklaces, purses and shoes. I love pairing different pastels together in the same outfit– talk about spring! 

Sports // Now here’s where those bright colors from last year come to play… Here’s the lineup: Think neoprene fabric in bold colors like hot pink, turquoise or cobalt blue on a dress. Not only are neoprene dresses super chic, they’re also incredibly comfortable! This style goes hand in hand with color blocking, often one or two bright colors paired with a third neutral, usually black, navy or white. 

Fringe // There are some serious fringe benefits here… Fringe is huge this season. On sweaters, dresses, shoes, bags.. you name it, there’s fringe. Don’t necessarily think Stevie Nicks, over the top fringe, but more as a detail in a bigger picture. Wearing something with fringe has an indescribable feeling where you just want to spin and twirl around all day! 

Graphic Black & White // An oldie but a goodie… Black and white patterns are something we can never really say goodbye to, yet each year they evolve a little bit more and we see something slightly different. Some of my favorite black and white that I’m seeing this year including sets of matching shorts & a shirt with the same pattern, making it look like a romper. I also love black and white floral print… talk about trendy! 


Florals // Petal Pushers..  Floral prints are coming in every shape and size this season, and I am not complaining! To me, seeing floral print is just like seeing flowers growing in the garden– floral print is a true sign that it is spring. Pair floral prints with neutral colors or mix and match different patterns for a trendy look! 

Lace & Crochet // Hole-y Chic! Lace and crochet were popular last year, and they’ve come back for an encore! In tops, sweaters and dresses, lace/crochet is the perfect summer-y boho trend. Wear a crocheted top with high waisted cut offs or layered with a maxi skirt. To me, crochet and lace are a summer staple. Layer a cami, bandeau or bralette under lace tops or even better, let them double as cover ups on the beach and wear a bathing suit underneath! 


Pardon all my puns, but this spring is filled with trends that I can’t wait to incorporate into my outfits and wardrobe. There are of course more trends than this, but these are the ones that stuck out to me and also seemed the most “wearable”.  
What spring trends will you be trying this year? Tell me how you’ll be wearing them by commenting below! 

XOXO, Nicole 

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