Welcome back to week two of Cathleen and my Bloggers Go Back to School Linkup! As always, if you haven’t heard all the buzz about it and still want to get involved, shoot me an email and I will be MORE than happy to get you situated and able to participate for the remaining three weeks of the linkup. Also, just like last week, we will be hosting a #BloggerBlab Twitter Chat with the theme of BTS & organization, just like the theme of this week’s posts. 

Now, on to this week’s topic: organization. I like to consider myself a pretty organized person (except for the pile of clothes on my floor right now. I swear I’m usually much neater). Staying on top of everything during the school year can be a challenge (classes, homework, due dates, work, sports, blog, friends, appointments, family… well, you know, its a lot!) so today I wanted to talk about what I do to keep everything organized and under control, even during the busiest of times (cue junior year in its entirety). 

Organization Station

It is no secret. I love desks. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them. Cathleen and I made an entire week of our linkup about them (get excited for next week!). Not only can they be super chic and total #housegoals, but they are also super functional. This probably sounds super dumb. Of course desks are functional, thats what they are here for. Well, yes, but how many nights have you found yourself lying on your bed doing homework? 

If you strategically organize your desk, you are bound for success.  I’ll be sharing some pictures of my desk next week, so stay tuned. For now, I’ll just describe some of the ways having an organized desk helps me I post a monthly calendar (in addition to my planner) on my bulletin board with important due dates for school so I can have an at-a-glance view of my month. I also keep all my textbooks (covered in solid-colored wrapping paper) on the shelf above my desk for easy access. I keep a blank notebook, filler paper, a binder hole punch, extra dividers and some spare folders in a drawer to replenish school supplies as I need them. I keep all the essentials on my desktop so they’re at hand while I’m working: pens, pencils, highlighters, a stapler, a lamp… you know the drill (plus I have to save something for next week’s post! 😉 ). Also, a good chair is key. If you’re all comfy and situated, you are bound to be more productive! 

Having all my school essentials at hand makes my homework process a lot more focussed and successful. There are nights where I end up writing a paper with my laptop on my bed. I always feel so tired and unproductive… But on nights where I’m at my desk I feel focused, organized and successful. 

Wake up, Flawless. 

An organized closet makes getting ready for those early 8am classes so much easier. I organize my closet in a few ways. I separate my bottoms from my dresses from my tops from my jackets. After that separation, here’s the process. First, everything is separated by color. I start with whites and progress all the way down the rainbow to black (but lets be honest, the neutrals take up most of my closet space…oops). Within each color, everything is organized by type of garment. It starts with tanks, then moves to t-shirts, then casual long sleeves, then blouses, then cardigans then sweaters. Then that color is over, I move on to the next color and the process starts over again with tanks. Once all the shirts are done, I organize my jackets by weight. So the lightweight jackets come before the heavyweight puffer polar-vortex jackets. Thats pretty simple and self-explanatory. My dresses are sorted the same way as tops. Separated and organized by color & sleeve length. I keep my really nice dresses in garment bags at the back of my closet to keep them in good condition. I don’t hang up all my pants (jeans go in my dresser drawers) but all my chino shorts, skirts and fabric/palazzo/harem pants are hung. I sort them by length, then by color. So the shorts are all separate from the skirts from the pants. This process may be confusing for you, but it works for me. If you adopt any system to organizing your closet, getting ready for school in the morning will be so much easier because you will always know where everything is! Then, you will #wakeupflawless, just like Beyoncé. 

An Agenda is More Than a Blogger’s Best Friend

I have quite the post lineup about agendas (see here & here). I have also contributed to multiple posts about agendas (see here & here). I also talk about my agenda all the time. Bloggers are stereotypically obsessed with their agendas, and rightfully so. Who doesn’t want a cute, compact space to organize life’s events?! 

No matter what kind of agenda you have, how you use it (for school, work, appointments etc.), color-coding is a must. Everyone from #BloggerBlab last week knows just how much I love color-coding because I made up “color-coded pens” but seriously, color-coding is life. I assign one color to each of my classes in school to write in daily HW, test and quiz dates and due dates. I also assign a color for work to write in my hours and which days I am working. I assign a color for Empire Styles (bright pink, obviously) to write in scheduled posts, any linkups or Twitter chats happening and everything else blog related. This year, I have a new edition to the color-coding system: college application due dates. Applying to college is going to be crazy busy (new post coming later this week about my journey thus far!) so I needed to keep track of all the various early application due dates, guidance counselor due dates, tours etc. I assign a color for all social events/appointments etc. and basically everything that doesn’t fall under one of the above categories. This color is everything from football games and dinner with friends to dentist appointments and hair cuts. 

I am also all about post-its. I use them to remind myself of important things that must be done for certain days, as bookmarks, to write any last minute reminders and to-dos in my agenda. I also am ordering some fun stickers to spice up my agenda but also mark special days like parties, birthdays, vacations etc. Washi tape is also amazing. Whether you’re highlighting a special week out of the month, want to highlight something to make it stand out or just decorate your agenda pages… Washi tape is the best. There are SO many different widths, colors and patterns, I’m convinced there is a roll of washi tape for everyone. My washi tape of choice? Sparkly and pink, of course. 

How do you get organized for school? Comment below! 

Participating in #BloggersBTS? Don’t forget to linkup below & check out everyone’s posts. Want to catch up on last week’s fashion BTS posts? Check it out here. Also, definitely check out my co-host, Cathleen’s, posts for #BloggersBTS. 

XO, Nicole

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